more than this? (Sequel)

Sequel to 'I love you but I still gotta go' Louis view of the story


9. the surgery

(Y/N) was brought straight to surgery. Harry and I were brought to a room to observe with Mum. She said she wasn't even fully sure what was going on. We sat in silence through the whole thing none of us were even sure how long we sat watching. During the surgery Harry's phone went off but he ignored it so I picked it up and answered thankfully it was only Liam. ''What's going on?'' he asked. ''I told him I wasn't sure and neither was Mum he said he would call to the hospital tomorrow to see how (Y/N) is. I went back to Harry and told him and gave him a hug. Mum went to talk to some doctors after the surgery. Harry went to the room with (Y/N) and I got him a drink from the café. I went in and found Harry talking to her he didn't know I was there. ''I want you to know if you don't make it through this I wont either and I love you with all my heart. I am over the moon we had a family together'' I walked in and g hugged him from behind. ''Harry'' I whispered and he started shaking again. ''Lou'' he whispered. I rubbed his back then tugged lightly on his curls and said ''Harry please don't'' Harry pulled away and looked at me. I wiped away one of his tears and he said ''I just want to be with her''  ''Haz you are in with her in her heart and on her mind and I know you had her on your mind and in your heart constantly'' I said to him smiling. Harry sat back down next to (Y/N) and held her hand I sat beside him and leaned back on the chair.

(Y/N) was there she was with me. We were in a forest and it was bright and sunny. I was carrying a picnic basket. We reached the top of the hill in the forest where Harry was usually but today was busy working. I lay down the check blanket. We sat down and tucked into the picnic basket. There was spaggetthi bolonse and we started eating it then I was sucking up the spaggetthi and then I felt her lips on mine and we kissed each other and I could feel someone's hand s tugging at my top. I woke up and found Mum waking me up. It was a dream and there beside me was (Y/N).

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