more than this? (Sequel)

Sequel to 'I love you but I still gotta go' Louis view of the story


3. the promise ring

El wasn't impressed I spent a month in hospital with (Y/N) but I said it was for Harry. Anyway after the month was up Haz (Y/N) Eleanor and I went back to their apartment. Eleanor sat beside me and we were sipping lemonade when (Y/N) screeched i got a fright an spilled lemonade on the couch El jumped up and took my phone which beeped. El looked at it and I spotted (Y/N) laughing at the way she reacted then El threw my phone at me and stormed out. "El wait" i called after her. Harry told me to stay and he would talk to her that she would never talk to me especially if she thought i was cheating. I sat there and felt tears coming to my eyes. I was throwing her a party because she was going to start modelling around the world but I would've had to break up with her so i don't understand what the tears were about. (Y/N) came over and gave me a hug. "No girl is worth Tommo's tears" she whispered laughing she pecked my cheek true it was only a peck but it was her lips on my cheek it was amazing. I stood up and gave her a proper hug and reached into my pocket and pulled out a promise ring i got for Eleanor before she left. "I'm going to tell her how i really feel about her" i thought and slipped it on her long slender finger. ''I love you'' I whisper and she pulled away. Her hair fell in front of her face I pushed a strand behind her ear and she went to get something to clean up the mess I made. Did she her me? She had to have I said it right in her ear ok that doesn't count you have to tell her again I thought to myself. She came back and smiled at me I smiled back when I felt a hand on my shoulder. ''Lou she well I couldn't find her but'' I spun around and said it doesn't matter and left them for the moment.

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