more than this? (Sequel)

Sequel to 'I love you but I still gotta go' Louis view of the story


6. the party

Harry (Y/N) and I hung out for 8 months it was brilliant. Zayn and Perrie were having a party for they're engagment. I decided I was going to convert the spare room into a baby's nursery. So they were heading out in a few days. At the party (Y/N) had to sit on the side because she was so big. She looked longingly at Harry all night. I had a beer and was just about to go over when someone else beat me to it. He looked like Harry from behind only Harry is taller. I sat watching carefully. (Y/N) kept laughing and he laughed to and touched her arm once or twice as well. Then Harry came over and he must have frightened the life out of the poor chap. He came rushing over towards tge snack table. That's when I realised it was George Shelley from Union J he got a drink and came over to me. "I saw you chatting up (Y/N) over there" I said to him casually. "Oh who is she exactly?" George asked me. "She is Harry's girlfriend" I said "oh and soon to be fiancé as well" I added. "What do you think she'll tell him about me well about me asking her to dance? I only did it because she looked so forlorn so I thought it might cheer her up" George said worriedly. "Calm down they're probably laughing about it now" I said trying to calm him down. Then I got up and headed towards Zayn but got sidetracked seeing (Y/N) on her own. I went over and asked "How's my baby" and hugged her stomach. "If Harry hears you-" she started then realised I wasn't talking to her. "How are you too?" I asked smiling. "Tired but Harry is busy so I will wait for him'' she said. ''I'll take you home if you want'' I offered but she declined and Harry came over. ''Bitch you ready to go?'' he asked me. He hadn't called me a bitch in ages he was just messing around but (Y/N) thought he was talking to her and she looked astonished so I stepped in and said ''He's talking to me babe?'' I started calling her babe and Harry doesn't seem to mind he must just reckon it's a nickname.

Before we went into the apartment I got a call from the person delivering the crib and other baby girl stuff for the nursery. I brought the ultrasound to a private doctor and he told me it was a baby girl. He told me he wouldn't be able to deliver and if he was he would have to deliver tomorrow so I said that was fine then called Zayn Liam and a few others who said they would help me do up the room. They said they could come around but had to leave early then anyone who offered to stay longer I said they could leave. I headed up to the apartment and found Niall throwing sweet wrappers and rubbish in the bin and I chatted him for a couple of seconds then locked the door and went into their bedroom walking in just as (Y/N) was in her pyjamas and asked if they were going away tomorrow? and Harry said he wanted to stay at home and watch movies with (Y/N) and I let out a sigh. ''what was that about Lou?'' asked (Y/N) ''whats what about?'' I asked innocently. ''Your sigh'' said Harry. ''Oh just I was em ya know I wanted to'' I stuttered obviously Harry thought I was having a girl over and said ''it's ok we'll be gone from 8 until about 9'' and (Y/N) nodded in agreement. I headed out to the kitchen and sat down with a bottle of water and just thought about tomorrow and then I started to lug paint tins and stuff from my room to the spare room it was the late so I knew the other two were asleep.

I was passing their room going to mine from the bathroom. ''I don't want to.....'' I stopped and listened. Nothing then so I started back to my room again and I heard my name ''Louis no Harry will kill you stop don't'' it was (Y/N) I peeped in the door and saw she was asleep must have been sleep-talking I thought to myself I crept over and kissed her forehead and brushed her hair back. I left the room and got into bed thinking about what she said. Then it struck me she was dreaming about me I fell asleep thinking about what we were doing in the dream...........

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