more than this? (Sequel)

Sequel to 'I love you but I still gotta go' Louis view of the story


5. the hospital

I sat in a chair between Harry and (Y/N). Liam had text you to let you know Niall ate to much and got sick so he had to stay with him and you knew Zayn had been gone with Perrie for the last couple of days. I spotted (Y/N) move about so I watched her then she got up and screamed ''Haz'' I caught her hand and put my fingers to her soft pink lips. I pointed to the bed beside me and she climbed out of her bed and climbed in beside Harry. She lay her head on Harry's chest and kissed it and wrapped his arm around her. ''Lou is that you?'' a croaky voice came I realised it was Harry so I replied ''(Y/N) is here too'' and Harry kissed her head. Then she took his arm and kissed it then kissed where he cut. Harry caught her chin and kissed her. It was a long kiss and obviously intense since (Y/N) let out a moan and that broke me. I ran down the stairs and out the door. I was standing running my hand through my hair telling myself I shouldn't be freaking out they are a couple they should be allowed kiss wherever and whenever they want. Then I bumped into Harry he caught me and gave me a hug and said ''Lou thank you so much er we won't be able to raise this child on our own so would you be uncle Lou well all the boys will be uncles but would you be the oh so close uncle that lives with us?'' I smiled and said ''Harry anything for ye two sorry I freaked out'' Harry put up his hand and said ''It's just because El it's fine'' and he gave me another hug then (Y/N) came out with two hoodies. Harry told her I was now Uncle Lou so we walked around the hospital talking. Then we went in and I packed Harry's bag and they went to get changed. I found some of my clothes so I started changing as well. (Y/N) walked in on me and I covered up my underwear with a hoodie. I was embarrassed and she must have thought I wanted her to see me naked and to be honest I didn't mind only we were in a hospital it could have been a nurse rather than her. But I cut over her saying Harry when she was about to say didn't you want me to see you naked or something along with that. He had just walked in and if he did hear he would be very annoyed and upset and he would hate me which I would hate if that happened.

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