more than this? (Sequel)

Sequel to 'I love you but I still gotta go' Louis view of the story


4. Starbucks

Starbucks. My well one of my home away from homes. I sat for a while at a table and a waitress came over and asked if I wanted something? I couldn't think straight and she smiled. ''Your usual?'' she asked helping me out. ''Eh ya sure'' I said still thinking about what happened with (Y/N) and I. I must have been hallucinating but I saw her come in and the waitress came over with my cup and said ''is that someone special? You have been staring for a few minutes'' she said. I thanked her and waved (Y/N) over. She sat down next to me and had dried tears on her face. I gave her a squeeze ''Darling what's wrong?'' I asked her. She explained everything to me. ''Harry says I'm pregnant and he doesn't think we could manage a child and I think even if we did have a child we would manage it because we would have you'' and I zoned out after she said me. I could see her and I holding a little boys hand as he kicked a football through the park across from my mum's house where I grew up. Then meeting Mum Lottie and Martin Fizzy Daisy and Phoebe along with Freya at the swings. Then I realised she was staring at me intently. ''How about you and me head back to your apartment and talk to Harry but first you are pregnant.'' I said showing her the text she had ''sent'' me.

At the apartment we went in and Harry wasn't around so (Y/N) went and flicked on the TV and I went to hop over thee back of the couch but she stopped me ''Harry's there so I walked around and over to the armchair and sat down. Just then I heard a scream from the kitchen. (Y/N) was standing next to the counter with two open beers in her hand and was pointing at a knife on the counter. It was covered in blood. I ran over to (Y/N) who had gone pale and just fainted or something. Once again I had to call the ambulance to come. I carried (Y/N) into the sitting room and lay her on the coffee table and went over to Harry. I took his hand and saw where he cut it was bleeding heavily so I pulled my t-shirt off and tied it tightly around his wrist then went to their room and took one of his t-shirt he never wore and pulled it on. I went out and gave (Y/N) a kiss and rubbed Harry's cheek and hoped neither of them died or anything when the people from the hospital arrived I called Liam and let him know what was going on.

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