more than this? (Sequel)

Sequel to 'I love you but I still gotta go' Louis view of the story


7. painting

The next morning was great. I was up at 5 past 8 so I got breakfast and started to paint the room pink then after a bit the bell rang. I opened the door and there was Liam Sophia Niall Perrie and Zayn. I let them in and they started painting. The bell rang again then the man with the crib and stuff was there I brought all into the sitting room then Daisy and Phoebe came running in and smiled at me and asked where we were painting so I pointed into the room and they went in and started painting. Mum and Fizzy came after and Mum gave me a hug and said ''How is the happy couple?'' ''Fine'' I said I didn't tell anyone I loved (Y/N). They headed into the room. I just closed the door and I heard someone laugh outside then that someone knocked there was Lottie and Martin. ''Louis'' Martin said starching out his hand for me to shake I just nodded and stood back for them to enter. Before they went into the spare room I caught Lottie's hand. ''What is he doing here?'' I asked ''You wanted help or so you said and Mum had promised I would go but Martin and I were supposed to go to the cinema and he said he didn't mind coming to help'' she said smiling. I looked at her and said ''fine paint the wardrobe and i'll get Daisy and Phoebe to put stickers on it in a minute'' and I walked off.

I was in the kitchen heating up some food for the lunch. ''(Y/N) looks great in that picture when was that taken'' I thought to myself picking it up ''Oh yeah we were in the park and Harry made me take it of them. Why doesn't he love me the way he used to? we were great friends but then stupid fans started the Larry Stylinson thing. It's stupid but WOAH THAT'S THE RING I GAVE HER'' I thought looking closely at the photo. ''She looks brilliant I love this picture of her. Hah I love any picture she's in'' someone coughed form behind me. I turned around slowly. ''Oh shit''

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