more than this? (Sequel)

Sequel to 'I love you but I still gotta go' Louis view of the story


1. harry arrives

Harry had gone home. He wasn't supposed to leave for another hour but his girlfriend, (Y/N) was at their apartment waiting for him. Well I don't blame him she's flawless totally amazing who could stay away from her?! Paul came in and asked ''where is Harry?'' We looked at each other and Niall blurts out ''he went to see (Y/N)'' ''NIALL'' I squealed ''I'll call him'' Liam told Paul and went out and called him.

About 20 minutes later Harry stormed in. ''Why can't I have a break?'' he screamed. ''Woah calm down what's wrong?'' Zayn asked shocked at his outburst. ''I was, even though it is none of your business, was busy with my girlfriend who I am proposing to tonight and was really upset when I had to go. Why didn't you cover for me Lou?'' he said spinning around to me. ''NIALL TOLD'' I said not wanting my best friend and only link to (Y/N) hate me. ''Paul had me under real pressure.'' Niall retorted. ''Oh yeah I forgot breathing was threatening and sooooo much pressure'' I said ''Harry stop breathing you have me under so much pressure ok fine the truth is I love (Y/N)'' I said doing an impression of Niall. Niall was about to rugby tackle me but Daddy Direction stepped in and caught him. he was still furious. Harry caught my arm and pulled me out to the hall me sticking my tongue out at Niall rising him more. ''Lou will you pick up (Y/N) and bring her to MY bakery?'' he said with a wink on the 'my'. I just nod shocked he was proposing. I never thought they were that serious even though they had been going out for a long time. I knew they where serious but marriage? I never thought that would happen.

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