more than this? (Sequel)

Sequel to 'I love you but I still gotta go' Louis view of the story


2. dinner

I pulled up outside their apartment and took a deep breath. ''Tommo you can do anything your superman'' I said smiling at my X factor reference. I had decided to tell her how I feel before I brought her to me Harry for dinner she has to know. I grab the keys to their apartment on my 'L' key chain. I locked the car and walked up the stairs to their apartment to build up courage..

I stood outside the door for a couple of seconds and then opened the door. I went in ''(Y/N)?'' I called. No answer. ''Hm.... I did text her'' I said checking my phone. ''Yup 'i'll be around in 10' '' I said reading out my text I went to the kitchen, then the sitting room the spare room knocked on their room and went in the bathroom was all that was left. I ran my hand through my hair and knocked nothing. I went back to the kitchen. Her bag was there her keys for the car. So she was in the bathroom. I knocked again and said ''(Y/N) it's only me'' . Still nothing ''(Y/N)?'' I said again getting worried ''Babe I'm coming in'' I opened the door. She was there on the floor. ''God oh no (Y/N) please no GOD NO OH NO'' I said starting to shout her eyes flickered. ''(Y/N) are you ok?'' she looked confused. ''Do you know who I am don't you remember me?'' I asked worried spotting pill bottles on the floor around her all nearly empty. ''Sorry no should I?'' she asked. ''Babe it's me Louis. Lou?'' I asked raising  my eyebrows. ''Sorry'' she said. I got her up and dressed. I was just going to get her bag when I spotted her phone on the floor I went in and picked it up she had composed a message for Harry. ''SHE'S PREGNENT'' my mind screamed but my heart thought even more to love. I sent it to myself deleted the message off her phone and she had fainted or something I called the hospital brought her in and called Harry.

He never left her side the boys visited and he stayed holding her hand all day and night. The next morning she woke up and Harry was excited but I looked the other way because I knew he'd kiss her. I have seen them kiss before but I couldn't take it I saved her I (the knight in shining armour) should have her (I sound like Niall but) a princess. I turned and Harry said he would go get a nurse. I knelt beside (Y/N) and grabbed her hand and asked her ''do you know who that was?'' she made a face then said ''no'' I felt bad she didn't know him. The guy who loved her so much and wants to marry her, well who wouldn't. I leaned in and kissed her.


(A/N) I know everything isn't the exact same as the other story but this is the wy Louis remembers it and because he has been having a lot of different thoughts he can't fully remember everything properly just so you Carrots know ;) love you.

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