The Haunted House

This is not a dream
This is a true story lived in a house in the year 2006 everything that was happening there was paranormal.
Damp walls, the lights went out without explanation, steps were heard in the attick and we notice some bones started coming from the ground in the backyard.
Nothing that happened here was imagination everything was real.!


3. The Haunted House Chapter3

Once our house and painted and everything in its place in each room.

We started to organize the basement and then the attick.

But in the basement to attick and unbearable heat were the two parts of the

house unbearably hot hotter in the summer.

We thought that maybe when the cold came and the heating was lit and was

not going to see more heat if not that all would be equal temperature throughout the house,

but not all so serious as I thought. My childrens grab a room each of them  and

we were as it should be in the master bedroom.

The first night sleeping in our own home was a very special night, even that day we made a dinner and invite friends to us come and visit us for a night.
That night everything was normal., The second day living in our beautiful

home on the morning of the second day in the house at midnight .

I was very thirsty and had to go down to the kitchen which was on the first floor. I grabbed my robe and down for a glass of water.
Being in the room sitting at almost 3am in the morning

the curtain began to move without being air heating on or less,

my heart began to pound at that moment quickly, but I thought that maybe

the windows had been left in open .

But surprise my husband went down  there  to check the windows

and he check every single  windows and they were not open at all .

He just notice the broken glass of water in the floor that fell from

my hands and went running to ups there.


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