The Haunted House

This is not a dream
This is a true story lived in a house in the year 2006 everything that was happening there was paranormal.
Damp walls, the lights went out without explanation, steps were heard in the attick and we notice some bones started coming from the ground in the backyard.
Nothing that happened here was imagination everything was real.!


2. The Haunted House Chapter2

In the summer of 2006 my family and I, we started thrilled to find the perfect

house to live there and start our life together as a beautiful happy family in our own home.
Dream of almost every family the illusion of the first home.

With the passing months and again walked home watching until

the end to find the desired one.

Unfortunately the house we bought was the worst.
Why? The answer to this question will know soon.
The house we bought. And happy day began soon start to pack

up and move to it., We had a lot to do.
Clean, paint, go purchase new furniture for all the rooms and

then fit everything in their rooms due.
That first day I think it was the only day happy to move into a house

which we did not know its history.
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