Forever and Always

Nikky and he half brother Zayn Malik have auditioned for XFactor together she makes it then Zayn gets in the group called One Direction. But when Nikky wins the XFactor her father dies and she stops singing and focuses on her job as model. But when Nikky and Zayn have the same birthday it questions them. What happens when she reunites with all of he ex-boyfriends, Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis? ( My first ever Movella!!! )


5. Quit!

Nikky's POV

"Zayn quit following me!" I whispered yelled at him.

"Not until you tell me what happened." He replied

"God your so difficult! Anyways I dated the boys that your working with." I yelled out covering my mouth

Zayn's POV

What did she just say?

"What?! Did you just say of you dated 4 boys?" She nodded.

We walked back to the boys. It was awkward!

"You know what im just going to clear this up right now! I dated the four of you not at the same time I just told Zayn that.  Now there is no need to be awkward okay? So quit making it awkward. It doesnt need to be?" She yelled. Everyone was confused!


I know short chapter, Sorry!! But i promise I will be adding a new chapter. Also before I forget (lets see how many people read this) looking for a co-owner!!

Thank you lovelies

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