Forever and Always

Nikky and he half brother Zayn Malik have auditioned for XFactor together she makes it then Zayn gets in the group called One Direction. But when Nikky wins the XFactor her father dies and she stops singing and focuses on her job as model. But when Nikky and Zayn have the same birthday it questions them. What happens when she reunites with all of he ex-boyfriends, Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis? ( My first ever Movella!!! )


9. Prank Time part 3

Zayns POV

Everyone surrounded us. I didn't know what to do so I just snuck off into the boys bathroom and slowly the boys did too.

Harry: I thought that would never happen in a Victoria Secret photo shoot

We all laughed


We've been in here for a while now then we heard a knock

????: Sorry gentlemen but can you get out some people need to pee

Niall: sorry

We went out then again.....


Screaming all around them but this time I jumped on Zayns back

???: surprise

Someone whispered in my ear. Everyone went back to what they were doing after the 'signal'.

Zayn: I hate you

They all looked up and down at her body and saw she was only in her robe. So I covered her protectively

Nikky: hello earth to boys? I have to go back to the shoot but be welcome to walk around JUST NO FLIRTING WOTH THE MODELS especially Zayn and Harry

I blushes we walked away. I wonder if she saw me with that Jazmine girl



It's a short sorry my sister had her baby<3 (cutest thing EVAA) but I WILL UPDATE BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP.

Co-Owner needed


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