Forever and Always

Nikky and he half brother Zayn Malik have auditioned for XFactor together she makes it then Zayn gets in the group called One Direction. But when Nikky wins the XFactor her father dies and she stops singing and focuses on her job as model. But when Nikky and Zayn have the same birthday it questions them. What happens when she reunites with all of he ex-boyfriends, Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis? ( My first ever Movella!!! )


1. Earlier Today

-_Nikky's P.O.V_-




"Zayn, hurry up we are going to be late!" I yelled. okay i bet your wondering what we are trying to hurry up for. Well me and my half brother, Zayn are auditioning  for the X-Factor. I have to use my real moms last name because if I use my dads last name it will be harder for Zayn and I to get in to the composition. "Okay i'm ready. So calm down." Zayn is chill between us but hes smarter than me which makes no sense!

  People call us twins because we have the same birthday. We were born hours apart. See my dad slept with his girlfriend (my mom) then found out that she cheated on him. then he slept with Zayns mom so that explains that. Oh also my and my brother look like my dad so thats another reason. But Zayn and I act like real twins though.


"Hey family this is the lads im going to work with...." Zayn got cut off by me "Oh my god no way im going over there!"




Should I continue? I dont know leave a comment or like or fav something to give me a hint!


-Cihanna :)

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