Forever and Always

Nikky and he half brother Zayn Malik have auditioned for XFactor together she makes it then Zayn gets in the group called One Direction. But when Nikky wins the XFactor her father dies and she stops singing and focuses on her job as model. But when Nikky and Zayn have the same birthday it questions them. What happens when she reunites with all of he ex-boyfriends, Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis? ( My first ever Movella!!! )


2. Don't ask!

-_Zayns P.O.V_-

Why did she run off? I wonder if she knew them some how it got me worried about her. But i just ran after her. But shes been a model for years now. Has she modeled with them? Or did she date them? I have too many questions to ask her but they could wait. I finally caught up to her, as I started to open my mouth to say something she says "Don't ask Please!". So i just kept my mouth closed.

-_Nikkys P.O.V_-

I just didnt want to talk about it ive have been a model for years now and have been in too many relationships. I lost my virginity to Liam well we lost it with each other when we were seventeen. I just dont know what to do!




I got bored so I just wrote another one. Anyways sorry for the short chapter!!!



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