the new students~ COMPLETED

Eleanor isn't exactly a star student. she has crap grades and a crap attitude. she could do well if she tried. she makes everyone laugh, always gets into trouble. one time when she arrives in class there are five new students in her class. will she change her ways or rub off her bad behaviour onto these certain boys


29. the baby

When we got there the doctors and nurses ran up to me. A nurse looked at all of the boys. “who's coming with?” she asked.

“I am,” Harry said and stepped forward. The nurse nodded and he followed us into the delivery room. They helped me on the bed and Harry sat down next to me. “ARGH!” I screamed.

“come on dear just push,” the nurse said. I pushed “OMG FUCK!” I screamed.

“i can see the head, come on dear your almost there,” the nurse said. I took a breath.

“your doing amazing babe,” Harry said. I gripped his hand tighter and pushed again. “FUCK!!!!!” I screamed.

“one more dear almost there,” the nurse said. I gritted my teeth. “ARGH!!!!!” I screamed.

there we go,” the nurse said. I took a sigh of relief and leant back on the bed. “you have a beautiful baby boy,” she said. I sat up and she handed him to me. My heart melted. I kissed his forehead and Harry looked at him over his shoulder. “look its Daddy,” I said and handed the baby to Harry. He picked her up ad stroked her hair and kissed her forehead. “shall I send in the others?” the nurse asked. I nodded and Harry gave the baby back to me. The others came running in and George and Niall jumped on the bed. I giggled at them and let them look at the baby. “do you have a name?” Louis asked. I shook my head and he nodded. Lily climbed onto the bed and came and sat next to me on Harry's lap in my bed. “look Lily its your baby brother,” I said. She giggled and clapped her hands. I laughed and Liam, Zayn and Rhydian went out to go get some food. Lily was asleep on Harry's lap and I still had the baby in my arms. “can I hold him?” George asked me. I nodded and handed him to him.”aww he's so cute,” George said. I giggled. I looked at Harry and he chuckled. Niall held him next and he made the baby laugh. Louis made the baby laugh too. When the others came back I saw how late it was. “Rhydian you have school tomorrow,” I said.

“really you give birth but you still remember that,” he moaned. I nodded and he stormed off to the car. We all laughed and headed to the car. I sat in the front with Harry and the baby with Lily in the back. Niall with George and Liam with Zayn.

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