the new students~ COMPLETED

Eleanor isn't exactly a star student. she has crap grades and a crap attitude. she could do well if she tried. she makes everyone laugh, always gets into trouble. one time when she arrives in class there are five new students in her class. will she change her ways or rub off her bad behaviour onto these certain boys


10. please

“please,” I begged. She looked at my face and nodded and Harry grabbed my hand. And sat next to the bed when we got into the hospital room. By then I had a cast on my leg and I was just talking to Harry until the others came in. George and Niall ran up to me and hugged me and I laughed and hugged them back. Liam and Zayn came next and I hugged them lightly. Louis just hovered by the door. I looked at him “come here,” I said and everyone cheered. I laughed and hugged him around the neck and ruffled his hair. He smiled at me and sat at the end of my bed as the others had taken the seats and George was at the top of the bed with my head in his lap. “can I draw on your cast?” Niall said. I laughed and nodded and he grabbed a marker off of the table and drew a smiley face and signed his name. That started a chain of everyone writing on my cast. I let Zayn take the longest as he was drawing loads. I liked it. He was good at drawing. Once he finished the Nurse came in and said I could go. Harry and George helped me up and Louis got a wheelchair from outside. I sat in it and made myself comfortable. “SHOTGUN PUSHING IT!!” George said making us all laugh and took me outside.  

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