the new students~ COMPLETED

Eleanor isn't exactly a star student. she has crap grades and a crap attitude. she could do well if she tried. she makes everyone laugh, always gets into trouble. one time when she arrives in class there are five new students in her class. will she change her ways or rub off her bad behaviour onto these certain boys


6. OW!!

Sir saw the bruises and nodded at us. While we were working Harry nudged me. “who was that Tom guy and why are you his?” he hissed and I shook my head and went back to work. He suddenly grabbed my arm really hard. I winced in pain. “Tell me,” he demanded.

“ow Harry your hurting me,” I whimpered.

“tell me,' he snapped. He gripped tighter.

“OW!” I exclaimed. Everyone looked over.

'Mr Styles I suggest you release Miss Davis right now,” Mr Clarkson demanded. Harry let go and I looked down. “Now Mr Styles I think you should swap places with Mr Tomlinson,” he said. Harry nodded and got up. “and move into Georges group.” Harry nodded. Louis sat next to me and held my hand. I sniffed and he wiped the tears with his thumb. I smiled and went back to working with him. After the lesson I walked over to George and he put his arm around me. I laughed and held Louis's hand. Harry tried to talk to me but George just stood in front of him and blocked him from my vision. Next lesson I sat next to Louis and George and zoned out. I didn't feel like doing anything.

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