the new students~ COMPLETED

Eleanor isn't exactly a star student. she has crap grades and a crap attitude. she could do well if she tried. she makes everyone laugh, always gets into trouble. one time when she arrives in class there are five new students in her class. will she change her ways or rub off her bad behaviour onto these certain boys


15. i killed my own brother

We got back and I grabbed the crutches and got up. “i did want the crutches but I wanted to get away from Tom and no offence to the others I trust you three the most and.. i'm going to tell you what Tom did.” I said.


They all nodded and we went into the lounge. I sat down and Harry and Niall sat next to me and Louis on the floor facing me. “well Me, Tom, George and my brother were inseparable. We practically did everything together, well I developed feelings for Tom and the same for him. We started going out and my brother found it weird but he didn't care, anyway as me and George had been friends for longer, I still spent loads of time with him, I wouldn't just ignore him either way. Tom got annoyed that I spent loads of time with him so he started getting over protective. He started checking my phone, he never left me alone at school and wouldn't let me get to close to George, I was getting really pissed so I tried to break up with him when he was at mine, and I failed. He grabbed me and threw me against a wall and stood up right in front of me. And pushed himself up against me.”



“if you want me to be yours you need to give me my phone back and let me talk to my best friend,” I said.

“NO, YOU CAN'T TALK TO HIM, YOU DO WHAT I SAY!!” He yelled and slapped me. I cried and he gripped my arm. “what were you talking about last night on the phone?” he hissed.

“Tom your hurting me,”i whimpered.

“tell me,” he said and gripped tighter.

“OW!!” I exclaimed. He slapped me and threw me to the floor and walked out.


“so that's why you were scared of me” Harry said. i nodded.

“anyway it had been two weeks and we were still together, Tom was at mine and I had just got off of the phone with George, he asked me what we were talking about, again I didn't tell him, it was private,”


“I'm your boyfriend, we don't have any secrets,” he said.

“we do now,” I said and I tried to walk upstairs. Again he grabbed my wrist and pulled me down next to me, he started unbuttoning my top. “Tom stop!” I cried. He slapped me and carried on undressing me


I was in tears by now. Harry wrapped his arm around me and Niall hugged me. “you don't need to carry on,” Louis said. I nodded.

“well you can guess what he did,” I said. They nodded.

“so that carried on for about six months and I hated it, I hated my life, I wanted to be dead. After a month of making the decision I finally had the guts to do it. We were at school, it was a friday the second last week of the year, I was in science and I headed out saying I was going to the toilet. I headed into an empty science room and went out onto the balcony, I crapped the ledge of the roof and pulled myself up. I made my way round to the front and I was on the edge. Suddenly the bell went and everyone started coming out. I saw my brother and his mates. One of them saw me and shouted. Everyone looked at me and some of the girls screamed.”


ELEANOR WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!” My brother shouted. I could tell he was scared. Then George and my form came out. George saw me and tried to run back inside, but one of My brother's mates held him back. Tom came out and saw me and stepped back.



“I was too scared to jump so I just stood there. George pulled away and he followed Tyler up onto the roof. Suddenly I saw Tyler and George pull themselves up onto the roof. I tried to tell them to let me do it but they wouldn't go.” I said. Suddenly Zayn and Liam came in with George. George looked at me. I let a tear slip and I nodded. He sighed and whispered to Liam and Niall about everything I had said so far. They nodded and sat down next to Louis on the floor.

“Tyler and George kept coming towards me. I told them to stop. Eventually Tyler was on the edge with me.


“Eleanor just step away from the roof and we'll sort this out,” he said gently. I shook my head.

“i can't, it will carry on,” I cried. He shook his head. “I'll always be here for you, always,” he said. Shook my head. “no I need to end it.” I cried. I took a step closer to the edge. Everyone screamed. Tyler pulled me into him. “look we're getting down from here,” he said. I tried to pull away but he held me tighter. “i'm here for you always,” he said.

“promise,” I said. He nodded.

“i promise,” he said and smiled. I nodded and we pulled apart. Everyone cheered. The police were there alongside an ambulance. I hugged Tyler and he hugged me back. When we pulled apart he wobbled and stepped backwards. But there was nothing there. He fell off of the roof. I tried to grab him. So did George. The police tried to but they couldn't. Everyone screamed. He hit the floor and I screamed. George's sister ran forward and shook him and tried to wake him up. Nothing. He was dead. I tried to Jump but George dragged me away and off of the roof. The teachers ran to us to check we were ok.


I was crying my eyes out. “i tried to wake him, there was nothing I could do,” I cried. Harry pulled me into him and I cried into his chest. “i killed my own brother,” I whimpered.

“you didn't it was Tommy's fault not yours,” George said and rubbed my back. I shook my head and carried on crying. Harry carried me upstairs and out me in his bedroom. He went to leave. “stay,” I whimpered. He turned and nodded he came and went to get to changed. He came back and got into bed next to me. He wrapped his arms around me and I nestled into his chest and fell asleep.


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