the new students~ COMPLETED

Eleanor isn't exactly a star student. she has crap grades and a crap attitude. she could do well if she tried. she makes everyone laugh, always gets into trouble. one time when she arrives in class there are five new students in her class. will she change her ways or rub off her bad behaviour onto these certain boys


2. 'i got that'

Once the lesson ended I got up to leave but being clumsy me I tripped head over heals, hitting my eye on the corner of a desk, George couldn't stop me so I expected to fall flat on my face, but I didn't. I was caught in a pair of strong arms. “are you alright love?” I nodded and blew hair out of my face. He pulled me up. “hi i'm Harry,” he said.

“Eleanor,' I replied and went to grab my bag.

'I got that,” Harry said and grabbed it. I thanked him.

“what lesson have you got?” I asked him. He shrugged his shoulders. I rolled my eyes.

“give me your timetable,” I said and he handed it over. “oh we have the same,” I said and gave it back. “so have we,” George said and walked up with the others. We all headed to Art. My favourite lesson. I trusted Mr Clarkson. He was one of the two people I trust. I walked into the classroom with the others “Eleanor what did you do?” he said looking at my fresh black eye.

“i tripped over,” I mumbled. He chuckled and waved me off. “ah boys I see you have made friends with my star students, just take the spare seats,” he said. They nodded. Unfortunately George was at the front of the classroom. Harry sat next to me and Louis and Niall in front. Zayn and Liam sat either side of George. “Everyone we're doing projects, so get into groups of three or four,” sir said. I went with Harry, Louis and Niall. George was with Liam and Zayn. “Your project is to find something you all have in common and portray it in the most creative way you can,” he explained. I wrote everything down and then started talking to the boys. When the bell went I realised the day was over. “you guys want to come over?” I asked them. They all nodded and I headed outside. 'I'll give you a lift,” Harry said. I nodded and he grabbed my hand and pulled me to his car. I got in the passenger seat and George and Liam got in the back. Niall went with Liam and Zayn.

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