the new students~ COMPLETED

Eleanor isn't exactly a star student. she has crap grades and a crap attitude. she could do well if she tried. she makes everyone laugh, always gets into trouble. one time when she arrives in class there are five new students in her class. will she change her ways or rub off her bad behaviour onto these certain boys


4. George shirtless making pancakes

I woke up in Harry's arms on the sofa. I could smell cooking from the kitchen. I got free and walked in and there was George shirtless making pancakes. He saw me and came to hug me. He wrapped his arm around me and finished the pancakes. We just stood in the middle of the kitchen having a cuddle. “we have school,” he said. I moaned. He laughed and I leant my head on his shoulder.

“me don't wanna go,” I said and gave him my famous puppy dog eyes. He laughed and said “go get dresses and i'll give you your pancakes,” I nodded and went upstairs. I went into my room and saw Niall looking at my photos. “you alright?” I asked him. He jumped and saw me. 'sorry I was just,” he started.

“no worry's” I said. He headed downstairs and I got ready. I grabbed my Navy skater skirt and a white tee and a red hoodie. I slipped on my blue Toms and tied my hair in a messy bun. I headed downstairs and went to wake Harry and Louis up.  

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