Waking Up, As Niall Horan

Have you ever loved, some one so much, you just can't let go? I have, that girl, who works at the studio, the girl with the red hair and green eyes, the girl I can't remeber the name of. I'm being serious life is just a blur, right now, apparently I've lost my memory. I don't remeber anyone except her. According to five boys, I've woken up as Niall Horan. who ever that is. I just need, to find her, where ever she is, I might have know memory, but I have visions. The boys told me, it was her fault I have no memory, but I refuse to believe them. It wasn't her fault, was it? I, need to find her no matter what it takes. A/N ok guys the first few chapters are before he loses his memory In case you get confused)


1. Prologue


 I opened, my eyes feeling sick but also confused. Where was I? In fact who was I? I tried to, think but my mind felt like a blur, I couldn't  remeber a thing.

I sat up and saw, I was in a white room, along with some sort of machine attahced to me. I opened up, my mouth to talk, but I couldn't, I tried but no sound would come out.

"You can come in now," yelled a voice.

I looked, to see four  boys walking into the room. They came over to me, and started hugging me. Who were these weirdos, I pushed them away in fear, again I wanted to yell but I couldn't.

"Niall," one of them whispered.

Niall, what was Niall, I started into this boys eyes, but I was confused, I still had no idea who he was. All I could, picture in my head, was this person. A girl with long brown, a pale white face and utterly perfect green eyes, she was all I could imagine

"Niall Horan," yelled another boy waving his hand in front of my face.

Niall Horan, who the hell was Niall horan. I thought for a second and that's when I realised, this Niall Horan thing, was me.



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