These tears I've cried sure won't be the last

Bitch, Fat, Ugly, Loser being bullied trust it's not nice, Emily and Harry was in the same school they new each other, but they wasn't friend yes he was her bully. When Emily and Harry finished high school did they meet again? Can she forgive him? Can they ever be together? Is she still scared from him? Will he still bully her?


2. Two

Emily's P.O.V:

"And to forgive you is still a little hard but I do I forgive you" I smiled and he smiled a small smile "But why can you forget, because if you do trust me I won't let you down." "Harry remember when you hit me with your shoes? And it was really sharp, yea well that day I broke my arm and they are still some marks are not going I just hide them with makeups." "Wow Emily did I really do that?" "Yes Harry you did more, you didn't let me to live my life well, my high school year was a disaster because of you and your others friends, you even didn't let me to live my life! But thank god at least my work became like I wanted." I screamed but I was making sure no one heard us.


He looked down on his laps, "S-s-orry Harry I didn't mean it." "No it's fine, do you know why I used to do this?" "Noo." "Well you see no one liked me, also my parents, trust me everyday before I go to school I drank like 6 alcohol so I don't really realize what I used to do, so then I decided to audition for the XFactor and forget about everything, no one knows that except you and the boys." OMG I'm so sorry for him I guess I can forgive him I am a good person I kept reminding my self, "I am so sorry for you Harry, look I forgive you and I will try to forget about it"


Harry's P.O.V:

She forgive me and she will try to forget about it yuppy a huge smile came on my face, I tolled her everything but I didn't tell her that I also had a crush on you, and I still. "Hug?" I asked her she nodded and I came to her we hugged.

 Bip bip a text from Lou "Em Louis texted me he sad, they will meet us next to H&M" "Okay let's go oh I need to pass there I need some new clothe." She winked at me and I laughed, I grabbed her hands and looked at her she smiled and we continued walking.

We saw the guys waiting for us, "Guess what Em the boys are going to sleep over tonight!" "Yayy" Yes now I can be with Emily more I'm going to get her and I will take her with me on tour anything. "Its like someone is dating over here." I sad while raising my eyes browns


Hey guys sorry its short I need to go bye... xxx

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