These tears I've cried sure won't be the last

Bitch, Fat, Ugly, Loser being bullied trust it's not nice, Emily and Harry was in the same school they new each other, but they wasn't friend yes he was her bully. When Emily and Harry finished high school did they meet again? Can she forgive him? Can they ever be together? Is she still scared from him? Will he still bully her?


3. Three

Alex P.O.V:

"It's like someone is dating over here." Harry said, I giggled and Perry blushed. "How did you know?" Zayn asked "I had a feeling when you first sad hi" He winked Zayn smiled and looked at Perry, the boys and Perry was chatting.



I wasn't listening cause, I remembered that I was holding Harry's hand, I looked at them and he squeezed it, I couldn't help but a smile appeared on my face. He really changed his hair wow they are killing me specially his eyes, but mostly his personality changed and it changed in an good way I swear his not the Harry he used to be, oh no no I don't love him no this can't


"I want to go to pick some close I'll be right there." Harry left my hand and smiled they all nodded and I went inside. I really like H&M they have very nice things. I looked everywhere but I didn't saw anything I want or I like.  I found a pink short with a white shirt writing on it 'Love<3" I picked it and went to the cashier on my way I felt someone grabbing my hands.


"Where are you going messy?" I relaxed when I heard Harry' s voice, "To pay!" I turned to see him, "You mean I will pay." He sad with a wink on his face. "Harry I can pay for my self." He took my clothe from my hand and walked by saying I don't think so. "Harry give it to me now, or else I wont forgive you" He turned around and walked over to me. 


He gave me my clothe and I winked, "This isn't over!" He sad. I giggled, I was paying and asked Harry where is the others, he tolled me they are in the car waiting for us. I got my bag (inside it the close) and Harry took my hand I smiled again and we walked out of the H&M


Some fans stopped us, they want to take some picture with Harry I mean it's normal he's Harry styles from One Direction... But some of them asked him if we were dating, Harry whispered something to them, I didn't dare to ask him what did he tell them...


                                                 """At Home'''''''


It was 8:00 pm and I went to  my bedroom to put on my PJ.


Harry's P.O.V:


"I will go wear my PJ and I will come back." Emily sad. Perry got us some blankets we help her, "I'm not sleeping here Perry!" Emily sad, "Fine" She sat next to me and we played truth or dare. Emily was yawning all the time, she is so fucking cute. "Goodnight guys.." "Goodnight" we all sad to her.


Emily's P.O.V:

I went to the bedroom and checked the time before I go to sleep, of course before I brushed my teeth and did my thingy before bed. It was 9:00 I closed my eyes and fell asleep quick, I opened my eyes it was 2:00 am I tried many times to go to bed but I couldn't...

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