These tears I've cried sure won't be the last

Bitch, Fat, Ugly, Loser being bullied trust it's not nice, Emily and Harry was in the same school they new each other, but they wasn't friend yes he was her bully. When Emily and Harry finished high school did they meet again? Can she forgive him? Can they ever be together? Is she still scared from him? Will he still bully her?


1. One

Emily's P.O.V:


I and Perry  are best friend (Perry Is not famous) , we share the same flat and I and her are models. My besty knows everything about me.

Here we are now taking photos, it was Perry's time. I sat down on the couch waiting I had my earphones on then One Direction songs came on...


                                                  ******Flash Back*******


"Come here you bitch." I didn't have any choice but to go and face him, "Yyes?" "You better come with me to the private garden now!" "O-okay"

                                                 *At The Garden."


 He pushed me to the ground and started to hit me with he feet and trust me he's shoes are really big, "You pig, you bitch, why didn't you give me the answers of the test today?" I was crying "Answer me!!" I couldn't I just fell like my feet my body has been broken, because I didn't answer him he took of his shoes and started to hit my really hard on my hands!

                                              ********End Of Flash Back*****


We finished shooting, and we decided to go and eat in Macdonald's. We ordered and went to our tables waiting for our food. "Emily, let's go shopping after we eat pleeeaaaseee" "Ohh yeahh"

Harry styles please come and take your order. I turned around and saw Harry oh no,I was freaking out, I was so scared Perry didn't listen cause she was to busy for her phone. Emily Rosen oh gosh I hope Harry doesn't look or notice me, I looked at him and saw him looking at me you can she the scary face in my face! I looked at the ground and went to get our food.

"Perry look who's here." I tolled her to look at the table next to us when she saw One Direction she ran to them and got a picture and some autograph I heard Zayn saying if we like to join them and yea this is my best friend who sad yes she is so stupid! "Emily come here." I got up I didn't dare to look at Harry. "Hey." I they all sad except for Harry, I mean how can he know me I changed so much!

"Perry can I talk to you just a minute?" She nodded and we went to the corner where they can't here us, "Perry what did you did?" "What? I didn't do anything, uh come on I know you want to." "Are you crazy? No I don't because of Harry remember the bulling thingy?" "Oh it was Harry Styles?" "No the other Harry!" "Oh my god! I'm gonna let him learn his lesson." Before she can do anything I grabbed her hand "No no it's my problem, look thank you, but I will like to solve, and now we should go and spent time with them and i'll show Harry that i'm scared." "That's my girl."

"Hey sorry we took so long, oh and I forgot to tell you I'm Perry Edwards and this is my best friend Emily Rosen." "Nice to meet you guys." All of them sad except for Harry who sad 'Nice to meet you' Ughh I hate him!! "So what do you guys work?" asked Niall "Model" I sad with a smile "Wow you guys are right to be a model!" Zayn sad we blushed and thanked them. "Guys we are going shopping after that, do you want to go with us?" Gush why do Perry do that? They all agreed I wasn't listening what they was talking about cause I was just staring at Harry and thinking wow he really changed!

Then he looked at me and I looked back awkward,  I got my phone out of my pocket and opened twitter. I unfollowed Harry so he can't see that I followed him. I can see Harry wants to say something but thank god my hone rang it was my mom, I made myself I didn't hear Harry the first word. "Heyy mom how are you?" "Hey sweetie we are good how about you?" "I'm fine, what's wrong?" "O-h I want to tell you that you'll have sister." A big smile appeared on my face "You're kidding right?" "No no." "Oh my goodness mom I'm so happy. I'll make sure when you get birth i'll come!" "I can't wait, love you honey!" "Love you to mama." We hung up and Perry asked what's wrong I tolled her and she hugged me, the 4 boys told me they were happy for me, except for Harry he told me I'll be a good sister I blushed and thanked him he just smiled!


We went to our car, I was driving and gush I want to kill Perry she sat back with the others because she wants to sit next to Zayn, if they will not date trust me I'll get crazy. So Harry has to sit next to me, I didn't say anything for Harry just for the others and Harry too!


                                           *****At The Mall***

"Hey Emily lets go with 3 groups okay?" "O-okay" I know now she will let me to be with Harry alone. "Okay, so I and Zayn." Zayn took her hands "Liam and Niall and Louis." "Harry and Emily."  Perry winked at she made sure no one is looking, I bite my finger from down and showed her how much I'm mad at her she just smiled. This is going to be so awkward.

"Look Emily, before you say anything I need to talk to you lets go to starbucks." I just nodded. We ordered and sat, please god don't let him to heat me. "Look Emily I know you are scared from me, I can see from your face, I am so sorry for every single thing I did to you! I don't need anything just for you to forget what I did to you, and forgive me!" "Look Harry I forgive you cause past it just a past but to forget I can't because the marks are still left." I sad while look down, he's mouth opened and looked at me almost filled with tears I and him...


Hello so these is my 3rd movella please tell me what you think trust me it will help me alot


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