Isn't she lovely

Harry styles is just a normal teenager but when a new girl starts his school he gets confused and doesn't know what to do, he has feelings for her and she had the same for him. Katie, the new girl, has a chance to meet up with Harry and his friends, what will happen?


2. Lunch

'Ding Ding!' I heard the bell ring showing the end of lesson. I packed up my bag and walked out leaving the storm of teenagers trying to get to lunch behind me. I ran into the canteen to meet Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam. We stood in the long queue of hungry people and started talking "Have you seen that new girl?" I asked them all "No" they all replied at the same time "She's hot" I told them hoping they wouldn't judge me. "Harry's in love, Harry's in love" they all chanted trying to get the canteen full of people involved. When we reached the food I grabbed an apple whilst the others grabbed a whole plate of food. I took it to the till were a paid the working lady's. in the corner of my eye I could see Kate jumping around trying to get my attention, I walked over to her, she asked "Can I spend lunch with you please?"

"Yes of course, no need to ask!" I told her hoping she would like me more. "Thanks." She replied with a smile on her face.


Kate's P.O.V

"Would you rather go to lunch with my friends or shall we just go somewhere on our own?" Harry asked me, he was so kind and handsome. I don't think he feels the same way about me.

"Shall we go with your friends?" I asked him

"sure." He replied and smiled. Side by side we walked over to his friends.

"Hey Guys!" Harry shouted over to a bunch of boys and a few girls that were sat on the table outside of the canteen.

"Yo Hazza!" One of them shouted back, he had blonde hair and a cute irish accent.

"This is my friend Kate" He told them as he gestured towards me. I don't think he knew that his hand was so close to my face almost touching it. Harry is actually really good looking and I think I like him... But I want him to make the first move if he likes me.

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