My new life (Zayn fanfic)

Hi, My name is Alex Summers I'm 16 and have just moved from Miami Beach to Bradford England, I have a turtle called Shelly she's from Hawaii and is 2. I have a little sister called Sophie Summers she's 8 and I have a brother called Finn Summers he's 13, my mums name is Rosa Ellis she's 39 and my dads is George Summers he's 40 and they're divorced, my mum said she needed a new start and that I do too apparently so we moved to Bradford where she was originally from. Zayn's my next door neighbor he's 17 years old he develops a little crush on me and is trying to make me change my mind and stay, will he change my mind or will I go back home to live with my dad?. Read to find out. Enjoy xx <3
Thank you if you read this story :) - 1DbabeMrsMalik


1. New country, New continent, New house, New me

(before the actual story - Get to know me:

Hi my name is Alex Summers I'm 16 years old and  I've just moved from Miami Beach to England Bradford, my mum said that she needed a new start after her divorce with my dad and she claimed I needed one too because of what had happened at school and through my old friendships, I've moved here with my 8 year old sister Sophie Summers, my 13 year old brother Finn Summers, and my mum Rosa Ellis, I have a pet turtle called Shelly I've had her for 2 years since she was in an egg, my dads name is George Summers and told me I could always go back home to him if I didn't want to stay in Bradford. I'm still thinking about it.)

"Mum please turn the radio off it's boring" I moaned to my mum for the tenth time, "ok, calm down" She replied sounding like she was annoyed with me. I was on the way to my new house in Bradford and I already didn't like it here England seemed so much colder then Miami, I moved from Miami because my mum and dad are getting divorced and mum said she wanted to get away, I had a bad past in Miami, my friendships were wrecked and my school was even worse, I would've preferred to stay in Miami but move school's but for my mum that wouldn't have been good enough, we were about half an hour away from my new house. 

(30 minutes later)

"We're here!" my mum yelled pulling up to our new house, I got out the car and looked up at my new home, turning around I picked my rucksack and my pet turtle Shelly's cage up and ran inside, "Dibs on the biggest room!" I yelled running up the stairs and looking through the rooms to find the biggest, I finally found it and placed my stuff on the soft cream carpet, "Ally come help me with your bed!" my mum shouted from downstairs, Ally was her nickname for me, I ran downstairs to my mum who was at the van trying to lift one end of my king size bed, I went the other side and helped the van driver lift it while the other man helped my mum, we turned it on it's side and pushed and pulled it through the front door, somehow we managed to get it up the stairs and to my room, they left it in the middle of my room along with my make-up table, wardrobe, draws, 3 bean bags, and my boxes for me to move it all where ever I wanted it all to go.

(Room sorting)

I pushed my bed into the corner of my room, and the bean bags were away in the cupboard for when ever people/friends came round... 

(^That's how her room's arranged^)

My mum had helped me push my bed, wardrobe and make-up table because it has a huge delicate mirror but everything else I could handle, "Ally! Dinner!" I heard Sophie scream, "Coming!!!" I screeched back, I walked down stairs and into the dinning room where 5 people were sat with my mum, Finn and Sophie, there was a woman and boy who looked around my age and 3 girls, "Hi, I'm Tricia" the woman said standing up and offering to shake my hand, "Hi, I'm Alex, you can call me Ally if you want though" I greeted shaking her hand, "u-uh hi I'm Zayn" the boy said standing up and shaking my hand too I must say he is pretty cute but a guy like that must have a girlfriend, "Hi I'm Saffa" one of the girls said happily, "I'm Doniya" the girl who looked older then Zayn said, "Hey I'm Walihya" the third girl said with a huge grin on her face, "Hi" I said back to them all and joining them all at the table, mum on one end Tricia the other, I sat in between Zayn and Saffa and Walihya next to Saffa, Doniya, Finn and Sophie sat the other side of us, we all sat there in complete silence while we ate our Pizza it felt awkward, after we ate we all went to sit in the living room, Doniya stood up "My boyfriends here now" she said saying goodbye to us all and leaving, Saffa and Sophie had gone to Sophie's room and were playing, Finn was on his Xbox in his room and me, mum, Tricia and Zayn were sat in the living room, "Hey wanna go up to my room?" I asked Zayn standing up, "Sure" he said smiling as he stood up too, we walked up to my room and I got out 2 beanbags to sit on while we talk or watch a film, "Do you wanna watch something or talk?" I asked him, "Umm lets talk and get to know each other" he said with his smooth British accent, "kk" I replied slouching into my tie dye pink beanbag, "you ask first" he said slouching just like I did into the stripy blue one I gave him, "k um, When's your birthday?" I asked not knowing what to ask,

"12th January, you?"

"16th November, how old are you?"

"17, you?"

"16, do you  have a girlfriend?"

"Wow wanna go out with me already, no I don't" he said laughing, "Boyfriend?"

"Nope single pringle, fave song?" 

"I dunno I like R&B, you?"

"Umm anything really, pop, punk, R&B, I dunno, ummm fave colour?"

"Red, blue or yellow, you?"

"Pink, purple, red, blue, yellow and orange hehe I like a lot of colours, what school do ya go to?"

"Tong High School, it's not far from here you should join I could look after you introduce you to people, so where were you from again?"

"Aww that's cute, um I'm not gonna find out till 1 month from now, and I'm from Miami Beach"

"Oh cool, how big was your house there?"

"Quite big actually I had a balcony for my bedroom, I know I do here but at home it was huge, and we had a pool and we were right by the beach"

"Wow, my rooms the one with the balcony too, we could speak to each other with out being in the same house lol, so do you like it in Bradford so far?"

"Well um yeah it's alright, the people are really kind the houses are big compared to some other ones we drove past in other places, but I really will miss the sun, and my pool"

"Well I have a huge blow up one you can come round tomorrow if you want?"

"Sure, how big is it?"

"About like half my garden space" he said pointing out the window to his garden which is huge,

"Wow, that's huge!"

"I know right"

"Do you wanna go sit on the balcony we could star gaze?"

"Sure why not I don't know when mums gonna gather us to go home" he said getting up again from the beanbag, I stood up too and unlocked the double doors to the balcony, mum had given me two lounge chairs to put out here.

We sat down at the same time and gazed up at the clear starry sky, "Lets see if we can see shapes" Zayn said looking at me with his brown eyes glittering in the moon light, "Sure" I replied looking at him with my clear ocean blue eyes, at that moment I felt, in love. As we looked at the stars I couldn't help but look at Zayn his silky dark hair in a quiff,  his eyes shining in the stars and moon light, his lips glued as his smile, his skin looking so soft, his shirt tight enough to show his muscles, his black skinny jeans and blue high tops.

"Zayn, Rosa said you could stay the night if you want, you two seem to be getting along and there's plenty of room plus it's the summer holidays so it doesn't matter what time you come home tomorrow" Tricia said walking out onto the balcony and standing in front of us, Zayn stood up and took his mum back in my room I had no idea what they were saying, Zayn came back out 5 minutes later and sat back down, "So ya stayin?" I asked him taking a sip of my fanta I brought out here earlier, "No if that's ok with you, since you've just moved here and it might seem a bit strange sharing a bed with someone you've just met," he replied smiling, "k that's fine" I said laughing, but then I shut up because I hate my laugh, "Ohh why did you stop laughing, your laugh is adorable," he said gazing at me, "I hate my laugh it's so loud" I sighed, "No, it's unique" he replied patting me on the head, "woof!" I joked leaning back in my chair, he laughed and sat back in his beside me, I turned onto my side to face him and met his gaze, "What?" I whispered, "Nothing just the way the moon light shines onto your face," he whispered back moving one of my strawberry curls out of my face and tucking it behind my ear, "I think you'll find that it's the street light," I said holding in my giggle, "yeah but it was the moon light before you moved," he said standing up to go inside, I stood up too and went to get us another drink each.

When I came back Zayn was sat on my bed watching TV, I sat beside him and gave him his coke, "What time you going home?" I asked smiling at him, "When ever my mum told me she don't mind" he replied, "k" I replied smiling, I pulled the cover over my self and lay watching family guy with him.

(10 minutes later)

"Pssst Al you awake?" I heard Zayn whispering into my ear I felt his hand on my hip and his breath on my neck, "mhm" I mumbled opening my eyes and looking at him, "sorry if I woke you, I just felt lonely" he said looking sorry and really tired, "It's alright, you look tired maybe you should be getting home," I said sitting up and looking at my alarm clock, he looked at me "ok"he said biting his lip, he looked cute when he was tired and his hair a mess biting his lip, I pushed my fingers through his hair making it stick up a bit with the gel that was still in it.

"Ally I think I like you. a lot" I heard him whisper but I wasn't too sure because the TV was still on and I was half asleep, so I just ignored it so I wouldn't make a fool of myself asking him if that's what he said and it turns out it isn't, I sat up and put my slippers on, Zayn followed me down the stairs and put his shoes on by the door, "bye, see you tomorrow we can go in my pool" he said giving me a hug, he was so warm I could've fallen asleep right there in his arms, "Bye, see you tomorrow" I replied smiling and releasing him, he turned around and walked out the door, he jumped across my gardens flower patch and onto his drive way, it was an impressive jump, "wow" I mumbled to my self, before Zayn went into his house he turned around and waved to me, "Bye" I shouted not to loud, "Bye" he shouted back closing his door, he opened it again before I shut mine, "Al, wait, go to your balcony!" he shouted, I opened my door again and nodded smiling. 

I went up to my balcony and waited, I sat on the lounge chair and saw Zayn leave his room, "hey" he said, we could speak normal volume out here because our houses were attached meaning our balcony's were just separated by a metal fence, "hey" I replied standing up and walking to the metal separating us, "did ya miss me?" I asked sarcastically, "yeahhhh" he replied chuckling,  "So when do I get to sleep?" I asked him yawning, "Aww you can sleep now if you want" he replied smiling at me, he embraced me in a hug and I lay my head on his shoulder. Zayn was warm and comforting, he was really sweet too, his dark hair always in a perfect quiff, his brown eyes, his shirt griping around his stomach, skinny black jeans tight on his legs all the way down to his ankle, I think I like him, a lot! I pulled away from Zayn and turned around to go inside, "Night" he said turning around too, "Night" I replied yawning again, I opened my door and turned around once more to face him, he was looking out into the street, "See you tomorrow" I said, "Night, sleep well" he replied turning around and going to his door too, I shut my door and went to bed, about 5 minutes after my head hit the pillow I was asleep.

Zayn's P.O.V.

I think I loved her, her strawberry red curls falling just above her waist, her blue eyes shimmering like the ocean, her tanned skin, her smile and her laugh it's adorable, cute and funny.

"I like Ally a lot!" I said sitting up in bed, I must've just had a dream about Alex, I-I-I do like her, but we just met today there's no way she would like me. I lay back down and closed my eyes hoping I could sleep again but it took 2 more hours to get Al off my mind, she wasn't fully off it though because I had another dream about her but I didn't wake up in the middle of it.


(Hi I've edited this because it always rushes into things with Zayn in every fanfic I write, so I'm gonna try and make it 2 weeks before they find out each others feelings and date.!)

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