My new life (Zayn fanfic)

Hi, My name is Alex Summers I'm 16 and have just moved from Miami Beach to Bradford England, I have a turtle called Shelly she's from Hawaii and is 2. I have a little sister called Sophie Summers she's 8 and I have a brother called Finn Summers he's 13, my mums name is Rosa Ellis she's 39 and my dads is George Summers he's 40 and they're divorced, my mum said she needed a new start and that I do too apparently so we moved to Bradford where she was originally from. Zayn's my next door neighbor he's 17 years old he develops a little crush on me and is trying to make me change my mind and stay, will he change my mind or will I go back home to live with my dad?. Read to find out. Enjoy xx <3
Thank you if you read this story :) - 1DbabeMrsMalik


2. Chapter 2

I woke up at 10:37 and looked around my new room, I saw the beanbag Zayn had sat in it was still the same shape he had left it when he last sat in it, my curtains were open, I must've forgot to close them last night, my phone started buzzing, looking at the screen it said Zaynster, Zayn probably put his number into my phone last night when I was getting more drinks for us, I answered it:



"How are ya?"

"Awesome, you?"

"Fine, just woke up 10 minutes ago tho"

"haha, so do you wanna come round later today? my mum and Doniya pumped the pool up earlier this morning and finished filling it about 20 minutes ago"

"Yeh, I'll get dressed and walk over"

"ok, by the way my mums ordering us pizza for dinner if you wanna join us?"

"Yeah ok thanks"

"Sure thing, ok well I'll leave you to get ready"

"Ok byeeee"


I put my phone down on charge and went to wash my face and brush my teeth, I walked back into my room to get ready, I put my hot pink bikini on with my short purple dress over the top, I wore my sandles with feathers and beads on, "Mum, I'm going over to Zayn's for a bit and I'm having dinner there!" I shouted walking down the stairs, "Ok!, Have fun!" she yelled back, I grabbed an apple and went to watch TV for 5 minutes, Sophie was watching Victorious with Saffa, I hadn't realized she was round, I finished my apple and went to get my phone, "Bye!" I yelled once more before leaving, slamming the front door behind me.

I knocked three times on Zayn's door and he answered it straight away, he was wearing a shirt and some checkered green swim trunks, "Hi" he said pulling me inside, "Hey" I replied, "Do you wanna go straight into the pool or wanna hang in my room for a bit?" he asked me walking into the kitchen where Tricia and Doniya were talking,"hey, Doniya and Mrs Malik" I said before looking at Zayn, "Um we can go in the pool now I don't really care," I replied not really bothered what we do,"Morning" Doniya and Tricia said smiling I smiled back and lent on the counter, " Ok, lets hit the pool," he said running out into the garden, I ran close behind him.

He stripped his shirt off and dived into the water, I took my sandles off and pulled my dress over my head, revealing my tanned stomach and C sized breasts, I jumped in next to Zayn and whipped my hair back flicking water everywhere, Zayn was staring at me with a satisfied smirk glued to his face, "What?" I asked shyly, "Nothing, I never new you looked so good" he said sending me a wink, "Thanks" I said blushing, "Let's play a game!" Zayn said splashing water all over me like a 5 year old, "Ahhahah, Ok like what?" I said laughing and splashing him back, "Oh um how about, shark?" he asked me jumping around, "Is that the one where someone has to be like a bridge and someone has to swim under them and try not to touch them until their entire body is through?" I asked jumping over to him, "Yeah, it's really fun!" he said pushing me so I fell under the water, I stood up and quickly pulled him under with me, smiling he pulled me close to him under the water, I gazed into his chocolate brown eyes, he smiled at me and held me around the waist with his arm, needing air he pulled me up by his side, as soon as I reached the surface I burst into a fit of giggles, "how...... can you hold....... your bre..ath that... long?" I said in between laughs, "I dunno, I forgot that I needed to breath when I got lost in your eyes" he said hugging me and spinning me around in the water, I was giggling as he did so, when he put me down I looked up at him with a grin glued to my face, it seemed that when ever I'm around him he always seems to make me smile even when he hasn't said anything, "So wanna play sharks?" I said splashing him, "Yeah k, your the shark first, I'll be the bridge!" he said splashing me back then walking to the middle of his pool, I took a breath and pushed myself under the water, I looked up at his stomach that made the bridge as it curved, I slowly went under it on my back looking up at his perfectly shaped abs, as I was nearly all the way under I done a twirl the rest of the way spinning through the water, I flipped my hair over so it whipped against my back as I stood up from the water, Zayn sat up and looked at me smiling, "wow, just... wow" he said taking a few more steps to me, I looked up at him and smiled back, "what did you think?" I asked trying to make sure that wow was a good thing, "That twirl was impressive and the fact you swam on your back without floating to the surface like I would've, wow" he said taking two more steps towards me, "hahahaha thanks, you really can't sink? lol" I said laughing a bit about what he said, he looked down to the water smirking and shaking his head, "no I-I-I can't swim so I wouldn't know how to swim on my back whenever I try I either sink or float, if I move my arms I would just sink if I kept still and held my breath in I would float," he said to me looking embarrassed, I smiled at him and stepped so I was right in front of him, "It's cute" I said poking him on the nose, he looked down at me and kissed me on the nose, "Your cute"  he said smiling, I could feel my cheeks flush hot as I blushed, I looked up at him and gazed into his chocolate eyes, I love Zayn! but he would never love me, he's only known me for 2 days and he could have someone so much better looking.

Zayn's POV

I gazed into her ocean blue eyes, getting lost, I love her, she's beautiful, her hips and the way they sway side to side when she walks, her curly locks sway in sync with her hips, her blue eyes and the way they shimmer like the ocean in summer and when she's happy you can always see the little glimmer in her eyes, her slim stomach and the way that when she laughs  it moves up and down with her chest, her tanned legs and arms, I would love her arms to be wrapped around me as I wrapped mine around her thin waist, her smile it's so sexy with her natural red lips and pearly white teeth. I love her. She wouldn't like me though she's totally different, she's from Miami I'm from Bradford, she's well.... she's... ummm, it would just never happen, "Zayn" she said as I snapped out of my gaze in her eyes, "yeh" I said, "umm well" she said before she slipped, "woah" she shrieked as she fell backwards into the water, "Ally!" I shouted grabbing her waist and pulling her into me.

Alex's POV

"Ally!" he shouted as he grabbed me by the waist, he pulled me out of the water and into him so my body was pressed hard against his, butterflies came into my stomach as I felt his voice vibrating his chest onto mine, "Are you ok?" he asked me with a gentle smile, "yeah, thank you," I said hugging him, "Zaynster the hero!" I said squeezing him, "And Ally the girl who falls into his arms" he said back laughing, as he tightened the hug I could feel his gaze, I pulled away still holding his shoulders and his hands still resting on my waist, once again we had that gaze but it was cut off by Walihya diving into the pool beside us "Cannonball!" she squealed as she splashed us both, "Walihya!!!!!" Zayn shouted angrily, "What" she replied splashing about laughing, "Your 13 grow up," he said releasing me from his grip and putting his hands on his hips, I giggled at what he said considering he was acting like a 5 year old a few minutes ago, "Walihya please just get out!" he shouted over the sound of her splashing about, "NO!" she screamed trying to run away from him, "Fine I'll force you!" he said picking her up over his shoulder and dropping her down outside the pool, "NOOOOO!!!" she screamed kicking about in his grip.

Zayn's POV

"Please, Walihya just give us an hour more and you can have the pool the rest of the night," I whispered into her ear as I placed her onto the floor, "Fine!" she said standing up and stomping off inside, I turned back around to Ally who was now laughing, "So all I remember was that I had just stopped hugging you and my hands were on your waist," I said walking over to her and standing in the same position as a few minutes ago. 

Alex's POV

Zayn walked over to me and placed his hands how they were earlier, I gazed up at him smiling, he looked down at me biting his lip, I placed my head on his chest and listened to his heart beat, I felt him place his chin on my head as his pulled me closer, this wasn't strange two friends hugging like this, was it? I pulled away with that thought and dived into the water, I felt the water bounce as he dived in too, I felt his grip on my leg as he pulled himself beside me, I waved and motioned that I was going up for air, I reached the surface and stood on my knees so just my eyes were out of the water, Zayn appeared in front of me and laughed, "You look like them spies in films when they appear from the water with just their eyes," he said laughing, "lol" I said laughing as I got higher out of the water, "Do you wanna dry off then go inside?" I asked him shaking my hair like a wet dog, "Sure we can have lunch now if you want?" he asked me running his hand through his hair making it to stick up in different directions, "Ok" I said climbing out of the pool, I walked over to the wooden deck, the wood was warm on my feet, as a puddle formed around me because of the water dripping off of me, I took a towel Tricia had left on the table and semi-dried my hair, I ran my fingers through my curls making them ping back up like a spring, "Pasta or Pizza?" Zayn asked running his fingers through his scruffy hair, with a towel in his hand, the water was dribbling down his chest and through his abs, I couldn't help but stare, "Pasta, it's my favorite! and plus we're having Pizza for dinner" I replied drying my arms and legs, I put my hair into a messy bun and slipped into my dress.

Zayn had cooked pasta and was now adding the sauce, he came to the table where I was sat and put a plate in front of me,  "Bon-a-pa-teet!" he said sitting beside me, "Yum, is it tuna?" I asked twiddling my fork through the pasta, "Yeah, don't you like tuna?" he asked, "No! I love tuna" I said shoving loads into my mouth, he laughed his cute laugh and bit his lip gazing at me, his gaze always made me melt inside, I smiled at him as I was chewing my pasta. After we finished we went up to his room and sat on his bed watching Awkward, "I love this show" I said leaning back on his pillow, 


"Really, I never would have thought of a boy liking this show"

"Oh, well I never would have thought of a girl liking Transformers"

"H-How did you know?!"

"I know things, ha no I saw it beside your TV"

"Oh, fine" I replied leaning into him, he placed his arms around my shoulders which I hadn't even noticed until he pulled me closer to him, I could hear him breathing and I could feel his chest going up and down, we were sat like this for an hour watching Awkward, I sat up from his grip and looked at my phone, I had 3 messages, 1 from my mum asking what time I'd be home later, 1 from my dad asking me how I thought Bradford was and then there was 1 from my old best friend Bexi, I hadn't spoke to her since my last day in Miami, I replied to her text first:

Bexi- Hey!!!! I miss you when can we talk, need to know bout Bradford are there any cute guys whats your house like is there any beaches whats your room like? Al ! CALL ME!!! xxx

Me- Heyyyy! I miss u 2 call you tomoz text me when it's best 4 u, I met a guy ;) Bradford's good people r really nice and yh I don't really know any 1 other then Zayn and his mom and 3 sisters, I'll talk 2 u bout it tomoz xxxxx 

I then replied to my dad:

Dad- Hello darling, hows Bradford? hope it's ok, remember all you need to do is text or call me if you ever want to come home xxx Love ya sweet heart Xx

Me- Hi dad Bradford so far is really good I will remember that thanks xxxxx love u 2 xx

And then my mum:

Mom- Haya do u know what time ur coming home? xxx let me know 

Me- Yo I don't know yet I'll let you know when I do xxx

I put my phone back down and sat up crossed legged on the bed, "Hey wheres the bathroom?" I asked looking over at Zayn who was now sat up behind me, "Down the end of the landing," he said making a motion with his hands to where I would go into, "K thanks" I said standing up and going that way. When I got back to Zayn's room he was no longer lounging on his bed and instead was out on his balcony, I walked out and stood next to him leaning on the railing, "Hey" he said looking down at me from the sun which was slowly setting, "Hey I'm kinda hungry," I replied rubbing my belly, "Alright lets go down stairs and order Domino's then," he said nudging me to go back inside but I didn't budge, "Can't I wait out here while you order, surprise me with the flavor" I said sitting on a chair he had out there, "I wanna witness my first Bradford sunset," I added looking up at the sky, "Ok then" he said strolling inside. 10 minutes later he came back up with two bottles of fanta, "My fave drink!" I said gulping it down, "hahah yeah thought it was considering the amount of cans you drank of it yesterday," he laughed sitting back on his chair, I sat beside him and gazed up at the orange, red and yellow sky in front of us "It looks sorta pink" Zayn said leaning forward and tilting his head up concentrating on the sky more, "Oh yeah" I said mimicking what he down.

Zayn's POV

As she mimicked me I silently laughed and gazed at her knowing she couldn't see I was, her hair shined red in the sunset, her eyes looked like they were on fire, why when ever I'm with her she gives me these feelings..... butterflies. 

Alex's POV

I looked at Zayn and caught him gazing at me with that million dollar smile, "what?" I asked smiling and feeling myself blush, "nothing!" he said quickly looking away, awkward silence. *ding dong* "PIZZA!!!!" We yelled at the same time and running inside from the balcony and down stairs, Zayn flung the door open me jumping behind him, "Oh" Zayn said in annoyance, who is she.... ? standing the other side of the door was a girl our age, she had long blonde hair, a thin waist and perfect curves, bright green eyes, tanned (not more then me though :D) she was beautiful, but. Zayn said he didn't have a girlfriend so..... who is she? "What do you want" Zayn said through gritted teeth, "please Zayn I want you ba- who. is. she!" the blonde stared at me anger read her face, her cheeks flushed red and she put her perfectly manicured hands on her curving hips, Zayn looked at her then at me and then back at her, when he looked at me he had an evil smirk on his face, "She's my girlfriend" Zayn said pulling me into him by my waist, "Hi" I said playing along with Zayn and smiling at the blonde 'chav' I placed my hand out in front of us offering a friendly shake, "OH! well I came here saying I'm sorry and I love you and I want you back! but you've obviously moved well on and don't want me back and don't love me any more but.... !" she stopped tears streaming down her cheeks as she stared at Zayn's had gripping tightly onto my waist. I have to admit it was comfortable. I looked at her trying to keep a straight face, "Hannah I've moved on get over it, YOU! cheated on ME! with Danial I'm well over you, you broke my heart I learnt to get over you and stop loving you which wasn't hard since we have nothing in common, you cheated on me multiple times and you care about no one but yourself you think that if your not happy no one else should be Hannah it's about time you got over your self learn to move on, get over me! stop coming to my door step ever 2 weeks and begging for me back my heart will NEVER N-E-V-E-R change I love Ally now," Zayn said tightening his grip on my waist -if that was possible- I felt like screaming in her face something like 'yeah get over him he's mine now!' and kissing him right in front of her but I'm not his he's not mine we're not dating which for some reason made me upset, I looked at Hannah and she was in tears, tears staining her orange foundation cheeks running black with eye liner and mascara, her red stained lips were uttering words that no one would be able to understand unless you speak utter, which Zayn obviously does because he replied to it, "Well Hannah tough I don't care if your sorry, if you've changed and regret everything, it's not gonna change anything in my mind! and its not gonna change my opinion on you! not now" Hannah looked up from the floor and stared into his eyes, "Zayn please, I'm better then this skank" she said looking me up and down, ok now I really wanna punch this bitch! "OI ! DON'T YOU DARE CALL HER THAT!!!!" Zayn shouted making me jump, he was angry. I've never seen him like this before..... she looked scared but she still had the disgusted look on her face, "I will call her what ever I want there's nothing you can do that will stop me, she's ugly her hair ewww it's greasy and ginger, her skin looks rough and ew just ew Zayn you deserve better you deserve.... well.... me" she said still looking me up and down, "she's not ugly her hair is not greasy it's damp we went in the pool earlier and it's not ginger! it's beautiful, her skin isn't rough it's soft and delicate, and I don't deserve you, your nothing but a.... well a.. skank" Zayn said pulling me into him so my ear was on his chest listening to his heart beat which was fast and not steady like it was in the pool, "I love her" he added, even though he was just acting to annoy Hannah it still gave me butterflies when he said those three words, "You love me more" she said putting her hands on her hips, "correction loved and actually trust me I never loved any one more then I love Ally," Zayn replied picking my head up to look up at him, "I love her" he repeated, again butterflies, before I could reply Zayn had lent forward and had his lips pressed against mine, I put my hands on the back of his neck not wanting it to end but it had to because we had company, well I wouldn't call Hannah company, Zayn pushed hard against my lips before pulling away and looking at me with a smirk, I smirked back and we turned to face Hannah, she was now in tears I don't care though, "Oh look pizza!" I shouted looking behind her and seeing the delivery guy walking up the path, "Good bye Hannah and please never return" Zayn said pushing his hands past her taking the pizza and slamming the door in her face, he took my hand and we ran up stairs, well he ran and dragged me behind him, we sat on his bed and I burst out laughing about everything he had just said to her, "I'm sorry about that kiss," he said opening the pizza box and picking up a slice, "I'm not" I said, "I had to to get her to shut up and go away" he added and then froze looking at me shocked, "Wait did you say" he said still shocked, I felt my cheeks flush scarlet as I repeated, "I said I'm not" I smiled taking a slice of pizza, "Oh well ok then..." he replied still looking a little shocked about my reply "Mmmm, pineapple and tuna! ma favs!" I said biting a big bit and trying to get rid of the awkwardness, "Wow you can feel the awkward" I thought, "What? did you just say you can feel the awkward?" Zayn said looking at me smirking, "did I just say that out loud, oh woops, well I meant because you looked shocked when I said I didn't mind about the kiss and it felt kinda awkward," I said feeling the air laughing, "oh well why didn't you mind? may I ask?" he replied taking another bite of his pizza, "well why would I mind if a guy like you kissed me I mean your pretty, well um.... good..... looking" I said nervously and feeling my self blush, "oh" he said scooting closer to me and raising his eyes brows in a flirtatious way, "oh good or oh bad?" I said still nervous, "Oh good," he said looking down at me and winking, I laughed and pushed his shoulder playfully.

I finished my half of the pizza,which took me about an hour because we got a large, "Yum, but I'm so stuffed I can't move"  I giggled leaning back on the bed and watching American Dad, "Same" he said leaning back next to me, "So um you may not wont to talk bout it but who was that girl? if you don't mind me knowing?" I asked sitting up crossed legged, "her names Hannah" he said sighing, "I know I mean what happened?" I asked pulling my knees to my chest and leaning my chin on them. 

Zayn's POV

"I know I mean what happened?" Ally said leaning on her knees and looking curious so I told her everything, "Ok we met two years ago in school she was a cheer leader and I was on the football team.......


"Zayn" She yelled after I made our teams final goal giving us the winning score, "We Won!" I shouted pulling her into my arms and spinning around, "We won because of you mate" Danial said patting my back, him and George picked me up on their shoulders and started chanting my name. "Hannah wait" I called running over to my girlfriend and grabbing her hand, "Where you going" I asked her as we walked, "To get change I'll meet you with the others for pizza after" she replied kissing me on the cheek, ""k babe" I said running back to the boys. We were all at the restaurant now except for Hannah, and Danial had gone to find her 20 minutes ago.... where were they? "Be right back lads" I said jogging out the doors, I looked over at the car park and Danial's car was still there but why? I ran over to it and looked in the back window, Hannah and Danial ! Turning around I sat on the curb and silently cried, "Zayn mate you alright?" George asked coming out the doors, "Not really" I said pointing towards Danial's car, he walked over and looked through the windows, "OI!" he yelled really angrily and thumping on the windows, "chillax G," Hannah said getting out the car and zipping her shorts up, "Please mate don't tell Zayn, Please lad" Danial sad following Hannah out the car and zipping his jeans up, George coughed and pointed over at me, "Zaynie baby it didn't mean anything" Hannah said tears already streaming down her face with ribbons of mascara following them, "HOW COULD YOU!" I yelled pushing her away and walking along the curb, soon the rest of the guys had come out and were now crowded outside the door, "Hannah I can't believe you'd be such a low self obsessed bitch that would cheat on me, and to think that it was just yesterday that you said you loved me" I shouted more angry then sad, "Zayn mate it wasn't what you think" Dan said butting in, "Oh really cause it sure seems to be what I saw and I saw MY girlfriend shagging my best friend in the back of his car!" I shouted sending a punch into his stomach, every one around us gasped, "Zayn please I regret it I want you and just you no one else please I'm sorry PLEASE!" Hannah continued crying harder and tugging at my shirt, "Slut! we're done!!" I shouted in her face pushing her to the floor, hard! and walking to my car, "oh and Dan don't bother EVER talking to me again!" i shouted across the car park and getting into my car.


Ally's POV

"Wow" I said hugging him cause he had started to tear up while telling me, "You didn't have to tell me if you were going to get up set" I said cuddling closer to him, we were lying on his bed in each others arms my head was on Zayn's chest and his arms were wrapped around my waist while he sobbed quietly into his pillow and and I must admit the hug was very comfortable like we were a perfect fit! "Ally" Zayn said breaking the silence, "yeah?" I asked sitting up against the head board, he put his arm around my shoulders and sat next to me, and I mean RIGHT next to me, Ok I do like Zayn a lot ! he's so dreamy cute fit sensitive and so so kind, I love you, "What was that?" Zayn asked looking down at me, "Shit did I say that out loud?" I asked looking at him nervous as F*** "Yeah you said something but I didn't hear" he said putting his head back, "Oh good" i replied sitting back too, we sat like this for a while until Some Girls my fave show ended, "What do you wanna do  now?" Zayn asked moving away from me and sitting on the edge of his bed, I shuffled over and sat next to him, "Um we could play truth or dare?" I asked smiling, "k" he replied turning and sitting in the middle of his bed, "Wait! can we get Walihya, Doniya and Saffa to play too?!" I asked excitedly, "Yeah it'll be more fun with more then two people," he replied walking over to his door, "Who wants to play Truth or Dare with us?!!" He yelled down the stairs, "ME!" Walihya and Saffa shouted thumping up the stairs, "Alright" Doniya replied walking into Zayn's room and sitting next to me on the bed, "Yay!" Saffa shouted sitting the other side of me, "Who first?" Zayn asked sitting opposite me, "Me!" Walihya said sitting next to Zayn, "ok huddle!" I shouted and everyone except Walihya leaned into the middle, we had a question for the truth and a dare, "Truth or Dare?" Doniya asked, "Dare!" she replied bouncing in her spot, "We dare you to go on Zayn's balcony and shout the name of who you love and say blah blah I Love You" Saffa said with an evil grin, "Oh ok" she said sighing, she slowly stood up and walked out tot the balcony, "But he lives in this neighbor hood!" she moaned as she turned around to face us, "tough" Doniya replied crossing her arms, she sighed and turned back around, she slowly lent out and shouted "Mathew! I LOVE YOU!" she screamed before running back in, "Mathew!" Doniya and Zayn shouted in shock, "No!" Zayn said before angrily sitting on his bed, hmm? whats up? "Ok next person" I said sitting down next to Zayn and trying to change the subject, "Ok now you Ally!" Saffa said pulling Walihya and Doniya to the side, why not Zayn too? we heard them all sniggering before they turned around and said "Truth or Dare?" I wasn't going to look like a pussy and say Truth so I was being risky and said "Dare" I looked down nervous to what their evil minds had decided on, "We dare you to kiss Zayn and not just any kiss a propa one!" Walihya said smiling, I could feel my self blush and when I looked up at Zayn I saw he was too but he was smiling at me, "Ok" I said sitting on my knees and moving closer and closer to Zayn, he done the same and held me around the waist, "Are you ok with this" I whispered when our faces were right in front of each other, "yeah" he said with a straight face, I put my hands on his shoulders as I crashed our lips together, my hands made their way up to the back of his neck and his hands gripped my waist pulling me closer, I had forgotten about the world and the girls watching in the corner it felt like just me and Zayn locked away from the world, slowly he lay down with me lying on top of him, my hands gripping his hair and his hands holding me against him, he slightly moved his hips making him grind against me and causing a small groan leave my mouth, his hands were making their way down to my butt, as they stopped on top Walihya and Saffa coughed loudly to remind us they were still there, "Shit!" I said a little too loudly, "Sorry girls" Zayn said sitting up quickly, I pulled my self off his lap grabbed my bag and phone and ran downstairs and out the house. 

Zayn's POV

I was loving mine and Ally's kiss I never wanted it to end but as my hands rested on her butt Walihya and Saffa ruined our moment and coughed loudly, "Shit!" Ally shouted sitting up, "Sorry girls" I said sitting up with Ally still on my lap, she pulled her self off grabbed her bag and phone and ran out my room, down the stairs and out the front door, What just happened?  "Girls get out" Doniya ordered pushing the others out the room and shutting the door behind her, I sat back in bed and started thinking. deeply.

Ally's POV

I ran though my front door closing it quietly cause I knew that every one would probably be in bed, "Why did I run out?" I asked my self stupidly as I sat in my bed, we kissed didn't we it was AMAZING and I had always wanted to kiss him since we first got to know each other, his hands touched my ass and I allowed it!  I liked it! now what? 

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