hogwarts year 1

this is about my first year at hogwrts


1. the letter

my name is Caitlyn Burton this is about my 1st year at Hogwarts. anyway, there i was sleeping in my harry potter covered bed With my lightnig bolt scar on my forehead. my mom screamed "Caitlyn there is something here for you!" I got up at once. I put my glasses on and got dressed. I ran down the stairs.  There at my front porch was sitting an owl. i grabbed the letter and read I was accepted to Hogwarts! My mom said I could go. The train left in a week. My mom and I set off to The Leakey Cauldron. first I got My Wand. It was phoenix tail feather core and it was oak wood. Then next i went to Blourish and Blotts and got my books. Then I got My robe. Then last but not least I got my Owl. I named her Jigglywig.Then I went home as excited as ever.  The next week i got up on September first, to go to the train station. I told my family i would miss them over the year.I boarded the train and took a seat in an empty compartment  then after a couple of minutes a girl came in. 'Hello can i sit here everywhere else is full." "yes you can. I dont mind." I said.'I'm April Tripp by the way." Oh, I'm Caitlyn Burton." Really? The Caitlyn Burton do you have the scar?" "yes but, I don't know how I got it. "Do you know how Harry Potter killed You-know-who?" "yes ' "I said He wasn't really dead. just for a year or so." "Oh man." I said. He tried to kill you when you were a baby." but, the spell rebounded off you like it did Harry and now he's gone for a little." "great now I have to fight him."right after I said that sentence A boy with black hair and blue eyes came in "Hi i'm Evan  Miller." "Hi you Can sit with us if you want" I said. Evan sat down. No way, you're Caitlyn Burton!" yeah I know April told me the whole story." I said. Then a 3rd kid came in he was also a boy he was blonde and had blue eyes. "Hello im Sam." hi you're welcome to come sit with us" I said. I have to admit he was cute. we talked and talked and we became friends infact we became best friends.

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