hogwarts year 1

this is about my first year at hogwrts


3. the common room

We went up to the common room after dinner it was nice and welcoming. When i got up there, like a milion people were asking me for autographs i said mabey later. we sat in the squishy armchairs in the common room. We were talking about my past and i kept explaining i still had parents, when a girl came up to us "are you Caitlyn Burton?" she asked "yes" i replied "wow! im Mackenzie Newland" ''you can hang out with us if you want. ''No thanks i have to unpack.'' That reminds me I have to unpack!'' do you april?'' yeah'' We headed up to the girl's dormitories while saying when we were done we would help Sam and Evan unpack.I was just finished packing when jigglywig flew through the window with a parecel and a note.the note said:

Dear Caitlyn,

What house did you get sorted into?

probably ravenclaw. did you make

any friends? please reply.


Love you,


i teared open the package it was a Firebolt! Noway! said Evan When We Were all finished. My mum would never buy me a Firebolt! more like a cleensweep! ''Can i ride it with you on Saturday?'' asked Sam yeah why not? i replied i was really excited! After that i wrote back to my mum.

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