hogwarts year 1

this is about my first year at hogwrts


2. my dream came true

We finally got to hogwarts.April,Sam,Evan,I got out of the train we followed the man called Harris up to the castle we were inside of the castle when a girl came up to me. Hello. I'm Maya Vallador. You shouldn't hang out with people of that sort you can be my friend. No I said you just insulted my best friends! Suit your self said Maya. We went into the great hall after proffeser mcgonnagall told us about the sorting. April Tripp shouted Mcgonnagall. Gryffindor! Shouted the hat. Samuel Hinkle! Gryffindor! Caitlyn Burton! You'd be great in Slitherin. Not Slitherin I thought we'll ok the Gryffindor! Shouted the hat. Maya Vallador! Slitherin Shouted the hat. I can't believe we got into the same house said April no we don't know that. I said Evan hasn't been sorted. Evan Miller! Huffle- I frowned. Gryffindor  YES!  I shouted like a boss he said

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