Beast Academy

Two girls who are totally different change into somethings that people think that are only in myths and are taken to a different realm to beast academy a orphanage/boarding school Beast Academy which they are not the only ones that are how can we say it..... BEASTS!


5. Squirgles

Phoenix's POV

We stopped the helicopter and I finally plucked up my courage to speak up. "I am not kidnapping another innocent creature and I'm putting my foot down!" I snapped as she opened the door. She paused and stared at me then stared at Finn and said softly and dangerously  "Will you be a good girl Finn?" Finn shook her head slowly. The lady shook all over and teleported all three of us it was looking into a blue spiral and was slowly wearing off by  the time I could see again I felt a damp tail against my dress then I realised I was chained to Finn. I looked down to see a tank full of the most ugliest creatures in the universe. They were grey with no eyes a pointy nose and two rows of teeth like chainsaws and four slimy legs that squirmed in the tank. Finn screamed I gaged and the lady grinned. "These are SQUIRGLES they are my pets they can eat anything in seconds." she picked up a dragons legs with blood dripping from the sides. Finn nearly fainted I nearly threw uo. She let the leg lie in the tank then 1 second later she took it out and everything was gone flesh and bone. "Finn are you going to be a good girl?" asked the lady letting her down "Or are you going to let her die?" she pointed at me. My heart pounded in my chest she might let me die because I dragged her into this. I wasn't the only one suprised when she said "Ok I'll do it." I stared in pride and amazement. There was one problem though. How was she going to catch a vampire when she has no legs and with a fish tail?

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