Beast Academy

Two girls who are totally different change into somethings that people think that are only in myths and are taken to a different realm to beast academy a orphanage/boarding school Beast Academy which they are not the only ones that are how can we say it..... BEASTS!


6. Rescue

Phoenix's POV

I couldn't believe what she was doing! This was cruel. How could anyone have the heart to do this to twelve year old's. Just when I was wishing for a rescue the ceiling fell on her and we saw a glimpse of metal. The mermaid I think her name is Finn squealed I saw that a hunk of ceiling was on her tail. Slowly her tail started to fade in to legs. Finn was overjoyed and then ran over to free me. Then out of the hole in the ceiling came three figures. One was a witch and had blue eyes, blonde hair and a face full of freckles. Another was a vampire with a hot pink streak that stands out on her black as coal hair. The final one was a boy this time with dark hair and dark skin he wore a black hoodie and black jeans. The now-legged mermaid spoke first "Oh, thank you for saving us and , for giving me legs as well! I must know who you are." The trio looked at each other suprised by such jumpyness finally the witch spoke "I am Twilight, this is Alice and the boy is Nigro." They both waved at us and smiled. I finally said something "Who was she, the rude and heartless lady?" Alice's face fell " She was a robot shape-shifting spy for our enemy Dr.Diabolical!" The other two shivered at the mention of the name. "Why did he sent her to capture us?" Finn then asked then calming down. Nigro looked as if he didn't want to say the next bit "To run tests and maybe either bring you to a museum or............ mix you with other animals." Finn fainted because she remembered the squirgles and then realised that they were mixed with creatures. Twilight anf Alice groaned as they lifted her into a helicopter that was summoned up by her magic. Me and Nigro jumped inside and the hot air balloon lifted out into the air and away from the woods and we came by a swirly purple portal. "Oh my favourite colour!" said Finn waking up. "This is a realm gate," Twilight explained "Here we go." We went into the realm gate and in a world of swirl of all different colours

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