Beast Academy

Two girls who are totally different change into somethings that people think that are only in myths and are taken to a different realm to beast academy a orphanage/boarding school Beast Academy which they are not the only ones that are how can we say it..... BEASTS!


3. Celia Fang

Celia's POV

I used to be called Carly untill last night I was asleep untill a bat started pounding on my window I woke up and went to the window my golden hair swishing as I move I opened the window and helped the bat into the room and it turned into no doubt a vampire with grey eyes black hair and red lips. "Come with me." she said grabbing me leaping out the window twisting her cape and turned into a bat I was on its back this one was much bigger and it flew faster than any air plane we were out of town in seconds I would have looked back at the orphanage if the g-force wasn't so powerful I would have blown my head off and that was to gross for my taste. I looked at were we were going we landed in a wood  and landed on the ground and transformed back into a young vampire and walked over to a tall and thick tree "Climb with me." she said pulling me up a tall trunk "Where are we?" I asked. "where we call home and you call Translyvannia."  said a voice it was a vampire the same as the other but this one was pale. As I reached the top I looked at them both they looked exactly the same exept the new one I met seems to be pale. "Your not a vampire," I said to the first one "your a shapeshifter!" The suyprise hit the shapeshifter had her step back and nearly knocked the vampire of I reached out to pull her back up the shapeshifter turned into a woman in a black cloak and said "Ah this is the one." She signalled the vampire and she bit into my neck while the shapeshifter dissapered and lots of vampires saying "JOIN US!" I held up my hands and they were pale! The one biting me let go and I looked at myself I was pale I had red lips green eyes with slits as pupils my hair was jet black with bright purple tips my name is now Fang, Celia Fang






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