Beast Academy

Two girls who are totally different change into somethings that people think that are only in myths and are taken to a different realm to beast academy a orphanage/boarding school Beast Academy which they are not the only ones that are how can we say it..... BEASTS!


4. Capture

Phoenix's POV

I was in my volcano sleeping untill I heard a noise I looked up and creeped up behind  the indruder my red hair down my back making little noise my fire like dress trailing across the floor longer at the back showing my legs at the front my black tights showing and no shoes my amber eyes staring she turnes around and I hid but I now knew who this was she was the shapeshifter the lady in the black cloak who tricked me and made me like this. Without warning a clump of black mist grabbed me I struggled to try to escape but it was covering my arms and legs and tried to tie my with a rope but I burned it so she took an iron bar and twisted it around my arms and legs so she took away the mist and loaded me with chains and I could only move my neck or head since my body was loaded with chains. "Don't you  know it's rude to stare," the woman said "Capturing a beast has never been so hard." I snapped back "No one is capturing me !" and I tossed my head and a flare shot out hit her but she healed her herself and stuffed my into a sack and I think she conjured up a helicopter she was not only a shapeshifter. She's also a witch! After a while in the super fast helicopter she released me from the stuff and realeased the mist and held me out of the helicopter over the sea "I can swim, do you expect me to drown?" The woman looked at me and said "There is a hot pink and black mermaid in the water get her and you shall have your freedom," she wasn't finished "If you fail you will be back if you lose sight of her." she dropped me and I found her instantly I knew what I must do. "Help help I'm a fire imp so I can't swim I'm drowning!" I acted she turned around and came over to me she wore hot pink and black like her hair "You'll be fine," she said "I'm Finn who are you."   "I'm Phoenix and your coming with me!" I grabbed her and held on to her tight when she tried to get away so I stuck my nails into her so she tried not to get them stuck into her the helicopter rope of steel came down to get us.

Finn's POV

The imp Phoenix? she folled me and grabbed me turns out she can swim quite well and I was being hoisted into a helicopter and having ropes all around me Phoenix was talking to the woman she was the one who made me like this "Where is my freedom?"she asked and the woman replied "Oh did I say freedom I ment to say if you fail this would be much harder for you," Phoenix was mad she ran up to try and flame punch but she was then loaded in chains "ah no naughty girl violence is never the answer." she cackled. She was placed beside me trying to escape so that was me and Phoenix.

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