Susan Black

Susan Black lives with her mother in a small cottage . Her father is in Askaban for no resin. One day she gets a letter saying that she is a witch and is going to Howarts . She meets Harry Potter, Hermine Granger, and Ron Weasley they become friends and go on amazing adventures. Will she have the time of her life at Howarts or will she meet her doom.


1. The Night

Sirius P.O.V

 I was waking past my old friends, James and Lily house when I saw a bright flash of green light . I took out my wand to see what was going on when I saw a hooded figure inside there house, I knew who was inside there home it was Voldemort and he must be after little Harry Potter. So I ran towards there house but I was to late Voldemort was already in Harrys bedroom where poor Lily and Harry where. There was nothing I could do but watch as Voldemort killed Lily and Harry, but when Voldemort was about to kill Harry Potter the Avada Kedavra something happen instead of Harry getting hit Voldemort got hit instead. There was a load scream then Voldemort was gone. All was left was Lily and James lifeless bodys and baby Potter crying for his parents as I was about to go inside there home I saw Peter Pettigrew behind some brushes staring at me with his small, betty eyes of his. " This is all you're fault Wormtail, why did you tell Voldemort where they where, I thought you where are friend we trusted you, we all did even James and Lily and look at them now." "There dead because of you" I yell at the top of my lungs. " I can explain!" said Peter "No, you can't" I said. When I was about to stun him I saw him explode into a million bets of him all over the places. When I open my eyes again I saw muggles all around me, screaming there heads off. Then I knew I had to leave before the Aurthers come and get me. o I started to run home which was just a couple blocks away, when I got home I told my wife Sara what just happened when I finish telling my story she belived me and told me that to run away before the Minstery came ,so I told her goodbye and went up stairs to say one last goobye to my one year old daughter Susan and said goodbye. Tears falling down my eyes I left my home that will soon be forever. And that was the night of the boy who lived.

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