Remember me


6. picture perfect reality check.

I dropped Mia off at my mum's and didn’t bother coming in. She couldn’t shut up about what happened at the signing the entire car ride home. I didn’t know what was going on but apparently I knew them. As in personally.
The thought frustrated me to no end. If I knew them well enough for them to recognize me why can’t I remember who they are? If they are the biggest boy band out there right now, why didn’t I know them before? The member known as Louis or Lewis or however you pronounce it knew me well enough to leap off the stage and race to me, why didn’t I know him? And Harry. He ran off crying.
I slammed my apartment door and headed straight to my computer. I searched and searched the internet but found nothing involving me in it.
"Wait a minute." I thought out loud. I scrolled through an article about how one of the members got in a car crash around the same time I did. There were no pictures or names but it was clear that it was one of them.
I shut my computer down and paced through the apartment. I walked into my room and rummaged through my draws looking for another set of clothes to change into. I came across some photos in my shirt draw and examined them. It was me and a boy. There were a few other single shots of each of us on the boardwalk not to far from here. I could tell from the background. I recognized his face now though.


"Say cheese!" I said.
"CHEESE!" Snap, snap, snap. We climbed out of the photo booth and each got a copy of the pictures we took. I kissed Harry's cheek in the first one; we smiled in the second shot, made a silly face in the third one, and kissed in the last one. It was picture perfect.
"I'm gonna hold on to these." I said wiggling my eyebrows.
"I already have the perfect place for them."
"Where?" I asked. He patted where his heart was.
"Right here." I gave him my best puppy dog eyes.
"Aw Harry." I ruffled his hair and we walked along the boardwalk. There was barely anyone else which was perfect. The less people, the less of a chance a screaming fan group will attack us.
"Hold on." I turned around and he took a picture.
"Harry stop!" I whined. He just laughed and took another one. I grabbed for the camera but he held it up out of my reach.
"Come on Harry!" I begged.
"Uh, uh, uh." I stopped trying to get it and I pouted.
"Please." I said.
"You look fine though." He commented.
"Let me take some of you then." I said.
"Fine." He handed me the camera and he started to pose. I giggled behind the lens and then I started to run.
"Hey!" He shouted and I heard his footsteps race after me. I stopped when I got onto the beach and I turned around just in time to have him crash into me. We both fell to the ground and started to laugh our heads off. He took the camera from me and held it above the two of us.
"Smile." He said. I smiled into the lens as he took the picture. We did a few more cute couple photos.
"Picture perfect." I said looking at all the photos.

I studied the photos a little longer before I set them down on the dresser.
"That's, that's Harry." I said out loud. Why was I taking pictures with Harry Styles? Were we friends or something? Maybe I knew him from the University. Yeah, that's it. That must be the reason why. Louis said to look at my phone though. I pulled it out and scrolled through my contacts. I saw each of the members' names as I searched and stopped at Louis'. He seemed to know who I was best so I called him thinking he might be able to help me.

Louis' P.O.V

Eleanor and I were talking in the lounge room about the signing. She couldn’t believe what I was telling her.
"Are you sure it was Emily?" I rolled my eyes.
"El I'm positive. I think I know what my best friend looks like." She gave me look.
"You never know." She said.
"I'm telling you it's her. I know it."
"Well did she remember?" I pursed my lips and shook my head.
"She had no clue."
"Do you still carry that phone with you?" She asked.
"Yes." She let out a small sigh.
"Maybe you should just stop and--" My ring tone cut her off. I pulled my phone out of my back pocket and freaked out when I saw the caller ID.
"What?!" El said almost falling off the couch. I got up and started to jump.
"It's Emily! It's really her!" I answered the phone and calmed down.
"Hello?" I said clearing my throat.
"Is this Louis?"
"Louis, its Emily. I need your help." I covered the receiver and whispered to El.
"She needs my help." I said. El just urged me to continue talking.
"For what?" I said to Emily.
"You said I know you guys and I don’t how but I just think you can best explain it."
"I'll be right over."
"I know where you live." I said.
"How?!" Her voice was panicky.
"I'll tell you when I get there." I hung up and immediately headed out the door. Eleanor followed behind me and we hopped into my car and drove across London as fast as possible.
"You can't tell Harry you're doing this." Eleanor said on the way over, "You know what he'll say and how he'll react."
"I know." I said keeping my eyes on the road.
"I can't believe we're finally going to see her again."
"I saw her already, it's just you."
"Technically speaking, we haven’t been over there in forever though. It's probably collecting dust!"
"I highly doubt it." I said.
"You don’t know." I pulled up and parked in front of the complex and we both headed inside. Knowing the place like the back of my hand, we went straight to her floor without any delay and knocked on her door. She answered and I struggled to get the words out.
"Hi." She said, "Come in." We walked in and the place looked the same minus Harry's stuff. I walked over to the kitchen area and noticed the dent in the corner of the entrance from when Niall and Liam thought it'd be funny to play warrior. Liam felt so bad afterwards he bought them a new 60'' inch plasma.
"Explain to me what's going on." She said

Emily's P.O.V

I took a seat on the couch and Louis and the girl that was with him took a seat on the other one.
"Explain to me what's going on." I said.
"First of all, what made you call me?" Louis asked.
"You said at the signing to look at my phone, so I did and I found all of your numbers programmed into it." I said.
"Why me?"
"You seemed like you would be the most helpful." He nodded and clasped his hands together leaning forward a little.
"You do know us."
"How though?" I asked.
"You dated Harry for practically a year. You and I connected the most. I thought of you as a sister and I still do. Eleanor here and Danielle who is Liam's girlfriend, you guys were inseparable when we were away somewhere. You and Harry though… guys were a match made in heaven. You guys did everything together and still did things with us. You moved in together and lived here, in this apartment." He looked like he was about to cry and Eleanor rubbed his back.
"What happened?" I asked. He sniffed and leaned back looking me in the eyes.
"The two of you went out one night. It was cold and rainy and not the best weather to be driving in. We wanted to go with you guys but Harry wouldn’t let us. He said it was a night just for the two of you. When you were driving home, another car was speeding and just as the light turned green and you started to go, the car crashed right into yours causing your car to flip. We went to the hospital as soon as we got the call. Next thing we knew you couldn’t remember us at all." He sniffed and wiped his nose with his sleeve.
"What happened to Harry?" I asked. He looked up at me.
"He just got a few scrapes. The car hit your side leaving you more damaged. He was able to leave that morning but left that night."
"Do my parents know?" Louis shook his head.
"They heard Harry was in a car accident and asked about you; we just told them you weren’t with him. We didn’t want them to worry."
"Why isn’t Harry here?" I asked.
"He couldn’t take anymore after he talked to you." Eleanor said.
"You didn’t know who he was at all. After he left the hospital he packed all of his things here and left. He didn't want to be around it. He was a wreck too. Didn’t talk or sing to anyone for a whole week. He totally lost it; you were his everything next to his mum." Louis finished, "Does this help?" He asked.
"A little. I can kind of remember knowing you guys."
"Think real hard Em." He said.
"I have been seeing these visions a little lately. When I was at the park I saw this stone bench, and then I stopped at my front door and thought I remembered something but couldn’t piece it together."
"What?" I said confused.
"You're trying to remember but you can't piece it together completely. I know what you're talking about too. Harry told me about your first date. He kissed you on your doorstep before saying goodnight." I actually remembered that.
"Yeah." My eyes lit up.
"We have to go." Eleanor said to Louis. He looked at her in shock.
"Are you crazy?!"
"We have no choice. It's the dinner thing Paul planned." She whispered.
"Oh….right." He muttered. They both stood up and I walked them to the door.
"You have both of our numbers Em. Call us if you need anything." I nodded and shut the door behind them on their way out. Everything was slowly falling into place.

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