Remember me


3. Louis

Louis' P.O.V

For 6 months I've never let my phone out of my sight. For 6 months I've been waiting every second thinking she'd call telling me she knew who we were and everything would be fine, but no. The boys knew how close I was to her. Ever since she started to date Harry, she and I instantly became best friends. She was like another sister to me and the girls really miss her too. And by that I mean Eleanor and Danielle, my girlfriend and Liam's.
After the accident, I took it the hardest next to Harry. He wouldn’t talk or sing for a whole week! He didn’t want any of us to call or speak to her. Said it would be better if we just let things go their separate ways. I couldn’t do that though and it was killing me inside. How can you just not talk to your best friend? Especially when they need you the most. I think Harry's wrong this time but he refuses to talk to her. I walk by her complex everyday when I wake up, I drive by it too. Harry already moved out of their apartment before she came home from the hospital and he made me help him, which was the worst.
The boys and I moved to a different complex across London since then, and I didn’t know if she was still in that apartment or not. But I still pass by it everyday, reliving the memories.


"Louis I swear, if you even think about doing it I'll kill you!" Emily said. I had the paint brush in my hand covered with paint ready to splash it at her.
"Don’t." She ordered. I gave my best devious smile and walked slowly towards her. She screamed and ran away knocking a tin onto the cover. I flicked the paint at her and we started to have a paint fight.
"What's going on in here?" Harry said with Niall right behind him. I looked over and laughed.
"Nothing Styles. Just having some fun." Emily was covered with splats of paint and I had a few handprints on my face. They were repainting their whole apartment and the two of us offered to take the lounge room.
"Just finish up." He said and walked out. Niall just stood there all clueless and then left. I watched him leave and then felt a cold sensation on my head.
"Gotchya." She said an innocent voice. Mint green paint dripped from my head and I ran my hand through my hair.
"Now you're done." I threatened. I chased her with the paint in my hair flying everywhere and picked her up with one arm and swung her around. She squealed and laughed before I set her back down. I slapped her lightly in the face leaving pretty a big hand print on both cheeks. She just stood there and pursed her lips.
"You got me." She surrendered. We did end up finishing the room and it looked fantastic. The girls came over later and we all went back to me and El's place for dinner which ended up being Nando's takeout. We usually would at Harry and Emily's place but it was being renovated so mine was offered for dinner time until their place was finished.
"What is this?" I held up a weird piece of chicken and dangled it in the air.
"Chicken." Niall said as he ate his like a Viking. I flicked it and it hit Emily. She looked up at me.
"Really Lou?" She questioned. I shrugged my shoulders and smiled.
"Sorry." I smirked. She giggled under her breath and shook her head.
"One day you will get the ultimate payback." She warned me.
"We'll see about that." I smirked.

I paced down the cold streets and laughed at all the fights like that we had. I really missed them. My phone rang and I answered.
"Yes Liam." I said in a smart tone.
"Louis where are you?" He asked.
"I'm at Harry's" I lied.
"Liar. I can see you." He said.
"Where?" I said looking around me. A black car pulled up along the road and the car window rolled down.
"Why are you here?" Zayn asked from the drivers' seat.
"I always come here." I said.
"You shouldn’t." Liam said from the passengers' seat.
"And why's that?" I argued.
"We're supposed to forget about her. Now come in." He motioned me to the car.
"I'll see you at Harry's." I kept on walking but they refused to leave me alone."
"Lou come on." Zayn whined. I sighed and hopped into the back seat, there was no point in arguing.
"Let me see your phone." Liam demanded.
"Just give it to me." I handed it to him.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
"Deleting her number from your phone." I sprang up from my seat and dove for my phone. I pulled it back quickly out of his grasp and stuffed it back into my pocket.
"Are you crazy?!" I exclaimed.
"She won't call." He said in self defence.
"I don't care, she might, you never know." I sat in the back seat and stared out the window and watched everything pass us by.

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