Remember me


9. just like twilight

That same day Harry moved back in. Since he was sharing a place with a friend of his in London it was easy for him to leave. After everything of his was put back in its old place the whole apartment felt complete. News of our relationship went viral after Niall and the rest of the band sent out a couple of tweets declaring it was "back on". I remembered everything now and I felt like a whole other person. In a good way I must say.

I sat on the bed leaning up against the headrest reading magazine when Harry walked in. He flopped onto the bed and put his hands behind his back and let out a heavy sigh. I gave him a weird look and continued reading my article. He did it again.
"Is there a problem?" I said cocking an eyebrow. He just kept staring at the ceiling.
"Nope. No problem." He said in an odd tone.
"Whatever." I flipped the page.
"You know I was thinking…."
"Here we go." I said cutting him off.
"That I'm back here and everything is where it should be, but not quite."
"What are saying bubba?" I said.
"Bubba? Where's that come from?" His eyes went wide.
"Never mind. What do you mean?" I insisted.
"Tell me you love me."
"I love you." I said.
"How much?" He quizzed.
"Too infinity and beyond." I quoted.
"Then why won't you say yes?" I put down the magazine and stared straight ahead. Marriage has been the one thing on his mind lately and I was on edge about the whole thing. I wanted to marry him, I really did. I was still in school and that was my main priority. That, and staying safe.
"I want to finish school, you know that."
"What are we in, Twilight?" I gave him a look.
"Yeah you know, she wouldn’t marry him unless she did something, I don’t know." I rolled my eyes.
"Just please, please think about it." He begged.
"For someone who is known for being a romantic you sure don’t know how to propose." I pointed out.
"So you will?" I shrugged.
"I might." He groaned loudly and rolled off of the bed. I started flipping through the magazine again ignoring his sound effects.
"Fine, I'll do it properly." I shrugged not paying any attention to him and he walked out. I watched him leave and let out a small laugh under my breath.

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