Remember me


7. everything is coming back.

Everything was perfect that night except for all of the rain. Harry and I dodged through the raindrops holding our hands above our head to keep from getting wet. We made it under the small cover in front of the restaurant and took a moment to catch our breath before walking inside.
"Table for two." Harry said to the hostess. She gave him smile and dropped her pen on the podium.
"Can I just have your autograph first?" She asked politely. Harry gave a cheeky grin and signed his name on a piece of paper. The hostess led us to a small table in the center of the whole place. Did she not know who he was? Harry didn’t seem to care though. He just held my seat out for me before taking his.

"I feel bad leaving the guys home with the girls." I said honestly.
"Don’t. This is our night. When was the last time we did something like this?" He said holding my hand from across the table. I cocked my head to one side and nodded.
"I guess you're right." I finally said. The waiter came up and took our order and gave us each our drinks. He walked away and I looked around listening to all the other conversations except for my own.
"When are you supposed to be leaving?" I asked him. I caught him while he was drinking and he raised his eyebrows and placed the glass down.
"3 days." I could tell he wasn’t happy about it.
"How long?"
"About a month. It's not too bad which is good." I reached for his hand and held it playing with his fingers and laughing to myself.
"What’s so funny?" He asked. I looked up and didn’t realize he was paying attention.
"I don’t know." I admitted. He let it go and our food arrived. We talked and ate the whole time. A loud crack of thunder and lightning was heard outside but no one seemed to notice.
"It's raining pretty hard outside." I said looking at the front entrance.
"We'll be fine. We'll go home after this and watch a movie or something."
"A scary one?" I said with a grin.
"Sure, why not." He said. I ignored the rain and we finished our meals. Being the good gentleman he is, he paid for it. We got up and he waved goodbye to the hostess who blushed and waved back. We did the same thing only faster as we raced to the car through the heavy ran. We quickly climbed in and he started to drive.
"I'm really scared of this rain." I said looking out the window. It was like a monsoon out there.
"Don't worry baby, we'll be fine." I held on to the arm rest and closed my eyes thinking everything would be fine. That nothing bad would happen. I would soon regret thinking that.
We were about 5 minutes from our apartment and I was easing up a little bit. "We'll be fine, we're almost home." I thought to myself. We came to red light and waited for it to turn green. Something inside me was screaming bloody murder though but I ignored it thinking it was just nerves. My heart was racing and I couldn’t imagine why I was so tense.
"Ease up." Harry said. I didn’t think he noticed. The light turned green and the car moved forward. We were halfway when crossing the intersection when CRASH! A speeding car slammed into my side sending our car flipping. I was lying motionless in my seat until I faintly heard a siren coming towards us.

"Oxygen mask! I need an oxygen mask!"
"Heartbeat's speeding up; I don't know how much time--"
"Hook her up to an IV. Hurry!"
There was screaming everywhere. Then it grew quieter and quieter. My eyes started to close and I could feel the life get sucked out of me.
"Everything's going to be fine, don't worry. Keep your eyes open; whatever you do just keep them open!" I turned my head slowly, my energy was draining quickly.
I looked over in a daze and everything was blurry. I couldn’t keep my eyes open for much longer, though I could tell I was in an ambulance, but why?
"Her eyes are closing, keep the gauze on her head and arm, it's still bleeding." I heard a rushed voice say. I could see the wires and chords dangle in the air and my eyes shut. Everything went black.

I sat up straight in bed remembering that night. That night when the car flipped and someone was with me and I was sent to the hospital. My nightmare actually happened and it came back to haunt me, but why now? After 6 months of not remembering a soul, why am I suddenly remembering now? I jumped out of bed and threw sweats on and drove down to the hospital. When I got there I rushed inside and went straight to the front desk demanding to speak to my doctor.
"What doctor do you have?" The nurse asked.
"I don't know, I don’t remember." I said.
"What's your last name?"
"Wasserleben." She looked behind her at the huge wall of files and eventually found mine and pulled it out.
"Doctor Scott. I'll see where he is." She called his office and she told me where to go. I approached to his door and knocked softly letting him know I was there.
"Come in." He said from his computer.
"Doctor Scott?" I asked taking a seat. He turned away from his computer.
"I'm Emily Wasserleben. I was here about 6 months ago and I need your help."
"What were you here for?" He asked.
"I was in a car crash." He looked up my file on his computer.
"And you remember that?" He seemed surprised.
"Yeah. Actually, I just had a dream about it and that's why I'm here. I think I'm starting to remember things. But I don’t understand why it took so long for me to remember."
"You weren’t supposed to remember at all." He said.
"You got hit pretty badly, I remember doing a procedure on you. You lost your memory and couldn’t remember anything but your name and address."
"Then how can I remember that night? Or anything else for the matter?" I questioned. He shrugged.
"Something pretty important must have walked back into your life. Other than that, you wouldn’t have remembered a thing." He said.
"I wasn’t alone in the car I know that. Who was with me?" He looked at the computer again and researched it.
"A boy named Harry Styles was in the drivers' seat it says here. He left that morning with only minor damages. Hey, isn’t he in that group, uh what's it called?" As he tried to figure it out my nightmare became clearer now. Everything Louis said started to come back to me. I remembered that entire night.
"Thank you so much, you've helped me a ton!" I thanked Doctor Scott and rushed out of there as quick as possible. Getting into the car I started to remember things.
I remembered my first date with Harry, falling into the fountain, walking along the beach, taking snapshots. My thoughts were racing as fast as lighting. The signings, backstage passes to their concerts, saying goodbye at the airports, everything. I didn’t remember breaking his heart though at the hospital, that I couldn’t remember. I called Louis and he surprisingly answered, even though it was about 7 in the morning.
"Hello?" His voice sounded groggy.
"Louis can I come over?" I quickly asked.
"Yeah, what time is it?"
"Doesn’t matter. What's your address?"
"Apartment 873 on Langdon road in the complex." I hung up and sped over there being careful enough so I wouldn’t get a speeding ticket. I got out of the car and ran inside and repeatedly kept pressing the elevator button. The doors opened after a few long seconds and I jumped into the empty elevator. I pressed the number to his floor and waited for the elevator to arrive at his floor.
A ding went off and the doors opened. I scanned the area and looked at each set of numbers on the signs to see which hall to turn down to. I made a right and walked down slowly not wanting to rush things. I had a feeling that if I never went to that signing, none of this would be happening.
I found his apartment and knocked on the door waiting for an answer. No one came and I knocked again. Still no answer. I knew he was home and I surprisingly remembered a spare key he hid above the door frame that very few people knew about. I stood on my tip toes and reached for the key. I unlocked the door and walked in. The sun was starting to rise and all the lights were off making it a little difficult to see. Not wasting any time, I walked down the hall behind the kitchen and walked into the only one with the door closed.

Louis' P.O.V

"Who was that?" El whispered in the dark. I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep but she kept shaking me.
"Lou who was it?" She said again. I shifted under the blankets.
"Emily." I moaned.
"What did she want?" Her voice was groggy.
"I don’t know." I fell back asleep and I a few minutes later I could hear the front door open. I didn’t pay attention to it since only close friends and family knew where the spare was. The door to my bedroom opened a crack of light shined across the bed. Eleanor tossed hiding her face under the pillow to block the light out. I turned over to see who it was and I could make out Emily's outline.
"Em?" She came in and walked over to my side of the bed.
"Lou I need to talk to you." She said in a hushed tone. I rubbed my eyes and threw the covers off and followed her into the lounge room. Eleanor came out a little later and sat down in the arm chair looking exhausted.
"What is it?" I asked her.
"I remember." She said.

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