Remember me


10. botanical gardens

I went to the jewellers with Louis and the rest of the boys to pick out a ring. I needed everything to go perfectly is I wanted her to say yes.
"Pick that one." Niall poked the glass and I looked over.
"No." I kept looking somewhere else.
"How about this one?" Zayn said. The jeweller pulled out a stunning ring that had an all diamond band and a big diamond on top.
"I want something classic and elegant." I kept searching until I finally found the perfect ring.
"This one." I said pointing to a ring that had a silver band. The way it connected it had a small opening with mini diamonds leading up to the main diamond. It was about 24 karats and it was perfect.
"I'll take it."

Emily's P.O.V

I was in the car and very tense. I was clutching on to my wristlet for dear life.
"Relax babe." Harry cooed.
"Sorry, habit." I eased my grip on my wristlet and loosened up a bit by staring out the window to ease my mind.
"Where are we going?" I asked. He made me get dressed up and I had no clue why.
"We're going out to dinner." He said.
"Dressed up?"
"It's formal." He pulled into a huge parking lot and walked up to a gigantic building.
"What is this place?" I asked. He put an arm around me and led me inside not saying a word. The place smelled amazing and looked absolutely gorgeous. Like flowers and springtime. We walked into a huge circular room with a dome ceiling. A light went on and the room lit up. Candles were lit around the room and a table was in the center. Rose petals were sprawled throughout the room and a small table for two was set up in the center. The dome walls lit up and it looked like we were in the galaxy.
"This is so cool." I said doing a complete 360.
"Why not have dinner under the stars?" He said walking over to the table. He held my seat out for me like a gentleman and I sat down. He took his seat as well and we began our meal. It was like Lady in the Tramp while we ate our spaghetti and sauce. I finished mine and dabbed my mouth with my napkin.
"That was delicious." I praised him, "Did you do all this?"
"I am romantic aren’t I?" I swat the air at him and smiled.
"I love your smile." He said.
"I love you." I said to him. He got up from his seat and offered his hand. I took it and he led me out of the room. We walked through a few halls and they were barely lit so I couldn’t tell where I was going at all. He pushed a door opened and sunlight blinded me. I moved my hand away from face and my eyes went wide and my jaw dropped. It was a botanical garden.
"Harry! It's beautiful!" I gasped. I walked off a little examining all of the flowers that surrounded me. I smelled a few and their scent was out of this world.
"You always wanted to go to one of these." He said.
"I did?" I didn’t remember. He looked hurt at my comment and I realized my mistake.
"Oh, that's not what I meant. I mean, uh…" He walked up to me until we were face to face.
"It's okay, as long as you remember me." I smiled and kissed him. I walked away from him not even realizing it. I was so fascinated by all of the flowers I didn’t hear the music playing in the background for a second. It was one of my favorite One Direction songs, "Moments". I started to sing softly along with the music and I felt a tap on my shoulder.
"You like to get lost don't you?" Harry joked.
"I couldn’t help it. It's so beautiful in here."
"Not as beautiful as you." I blushed.
"There's one more thing on the agenda for tonight." He said looking at his feet.
"What's that?" He slowly got something out of his back pocket and got down on one knee. My hand flew to my mouth and I felt a single tear form in the corner of my eye.
"Emily, ever since I met you I wanted to be with you. This got a little rough for us though but in the end it worked out." I tried hard to not breakdown in front of him.
"Will you marry me?" I coughed a little from crying and nodded.
"Yes." I mumbled. He slipped the ring on and I kissed him long and passionately surrounded by the flowers and all of their beauty.

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