Remember me


8. Back in your arms

"You do? You really remember?" I asked her. She nodded pursing her lips.
"But how?"
"I had a nightmare about the accident. It showed everything. From the beginning of the night to me blacking out. I went to the hospital after waking up in the middle of the night and spoke to the doctor. He told me Harry was the boy in the car with me and that I shouldn’t have remembered anything at all because of my injuries. He said that something special walked back into my life causing me to remember things slowly. You guys were that something." She said close to tears. I sat next to her and put an arm around her.
"I'm glad you're back." I hugged her tightly and she pulled away wiping her tears.
"What about Harry? Obviously he's going to want to know." Eleanor piped in. I thought about him knowing I wasn’t supposed to have talked to her in the first place.
"She's gonna have to see him." I simply said.
"How though?" She asked.
"She'll come to our recording today at the studio." I looked outside and it started to rain.

Harry's P.O.V

I was still a little out of it after seeing Emily last week but I moved on and controlled myself. We were all back at the studio once again recording for our second album. Everyone was here except for Louis. He usually wasn’t late so I called him.
"Hey Louis where are you?"
"On my way. Be there soon." He hung up and I told Paul (our manager) he would be here soon. I was sent into the recording booth first and the others waited outside on the sofas working on a new song we wrote.
"Where were you?" I heard Liam ask.
"I brought someone here with me today." I heard Louis' voice. I finished up and walked out closing the door slowly behind me. I looked up and fixed my hair and saw Louis in the doorway.
"Who?" I looked at Niall and then back at Louis. He stepped aside a little and Emily walked in. My hand dropped my hair slowly and my entire body tensed up. No one moved. They were each looking at me with worried eyes waiting to see how I would react. I stood there frozen.
"Hi Harry." She said with a weak smile. I missed the sound of her voice to no end. Tears started to well up in my eyes and I looked down and wiped them away. I couldn’t handle this, not right now, not ever. I walked out and passed by her and just kept walking.
"Harry!" Louis called. I didn’t stop and kept going forward and walked out into the rain. I stopped outside of the building and sat against the wall with my head buried into my chest and my arms wrapped around my legs hugging them close.
"Harry, you have to talk to her." Louis shouted over the rain.
"I can't! Do you know how hard it is?" I shouted back. I felt the hot tears roll down my face.
"You have to. She knows who you are, don't let her go. She wants you Harry!" I just stared at him and turned to look straight. He walked back inside and I sat there in the pouring rain. The heavy drops falling against my skin like little pellets.
"Is this seat taken?" I turned and saw Emily in one of her sweat suits with her hood up, rubbing her arms for warmth from the cold. I didn’t say anything and she sat down anyway.
"Harry, I know who you are." She said. Her words sent chills down my spine.
"I know that you were with me when that happened. I figured it out thanks to Louis."
"Louis did this?" She nodded.
"Why did you not stay? Why did you shut me out?" She asked. That was the hardest question to answer. My lip quivered and I rubbed my eyes hard.
"Because it hurt to much." My voice was shaky and the words were hard to get out.
"You couldn’t remember anything. Not me, not the boys, nothing. It killed me inside knowing the one person I loved more than anything couldn’t remember who I was." I was so close to bawling my eyes out right in front of her but I held it in as best as I could.
"I did remember though. Maybe not right away but there was always something around me whether a place or a picture that I'd find that would send me a message telling me that it meant something. I never really forgot about you." Listening to her talk finally made me look her in the eyes. They were big brown eyes that sparkled like gems, even in the pouring rain.
"I couldn’t live with myself Emily. The pain was so overwhelming I moved out because it wouldn’t be fair to you. I was never around most of the time because of the band and I thought it would be best to just leave."
"It wasn’t though. Harry I needed you the most and you left." Her words stabbed me like knives.
"It was too late! The others wanted to talk to you but I wouldn’t let them. I wanted you to have a normal life." Her face expression was blank.
"My feelings for you are still there. I still love you and that's the honest truth." I wiped my face but it was useless, the rain kept pouring down on me.
"I love you more than anything Em. I never stopped loving you. I put my career on hold because losing you was the worst pain I've ever felt in my entire life. I prayed day and night that you would remember me and that you would come back like this and tell me that you felt the same way." She put her hand on top of mine and I looked into her sparkling eyes.
"I do." I quickly planted a kiss on her lips and she responded almost instantly. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I ignored the rain and everything around us. It was like we were the only two people in the world for the moment.

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