Remember me


5. An emotional signing.

I was in the middle of watching a show when the phone started to ring causing me to jump and fall off the couch. I rubbed my side as I stood up and walked over to get it.
"I got it." I said picking it up.
"Yellow." I said into the receiver.
"Hi Emily, how do you feel?" My mum asked.
"Fine, although I did fall on my way to the phone."
"What do you want?" I said casually. I haven’t seen my mum and dad for the longest time. With them living an hour away from me though, I had a reason for not being at their doorstep all the time.
"Would you mind coming over?" She asked all nicely.
"Today?" I whined.
"If you can that would be a big help. I promised your niece I would take her to this signing she wanted to go to and now I can't because of work." I bit my thumb taking in every word  she said.
"When is this thing?" I sighed. "At noon."
"Tell Mia I'll be there." Mia was my older sister's 11 year old daughter. We got along very well and if she needed me for anything like she did now, I would do it for her.
"Great! See you real soon." She hung up and I put the phone back on its charger.

I got into the car and drove for what seemed like a lifetime but was only an hour. I pulled into my parents' driveway and parked. As I stepped out of the car I thought I saw something.


"Thank you so much Harry. I had an amazing time." I said. We just finished what was our first date of hopefully many.
"I'm glad to here that. I had a great time too." He looked so nice in a polo and khakis, I felt out of place in my cute skirt outfit next to him. My hair was pulled back with a headband and the slight breeze kept blowing against it.
"You look amazing by the way." I felt my cheeks get real hot.
"You don't look too bad yourself." I giggled. We both got out of the car and he walked me up to the front door.
"What are you doing tomorrow?" He asked.
"I don’t know, why?"
"So we can do this again." I smiled and nodded.
"I'd like that. Goodnight." I reached for the door but he stopped me.
"I like to kiss on the first date." He said softly. He held my face with one hand and leaned in and kissed me. I wanted more but I pulled away not wanting to push my luck.
"Goodnight Harry." I said walking inside.
"Goodnight." I closed the door behind me wishing I could have a repeat of tonight right now.

I closed the door behind me and felt something. A feeling that was really good and I didn’t know why.
"What's the matter?" I looked up and saw my mum at the end of the hall in the kitchen. I released my hand from the doorknob and wiped my hands on my pants.
"Nothing, where's Mia?" I said changing the subject.
"Mia!" My mum shouted. Mia came rushing down the stairs and stopped when she saw me.
"Aunt Emily!" She raced down the rest of them and jumped into my arms.
"Hey you, what's up?" I said to her.
"We're going to a signing!" She cheered.
"I heard. For who though?"
"One Direction." She said climbing out of my arms.
"Who?" Her jaw dropped so low I thought she broke it.
"You don't know who One Direction is?" She was in total shock. I shook my head. She looked at my mum and she only shrugged.
"Not everybody is as crazy as you are." She said and walked back into the kitchen. Mia looked over at the clock and grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door.
"Come on we have to go!" She shouted.
"By mum!" I hollered at her.
"By guys see you later." And at that we were back in my car and off to the mall to see this boy band of hers.
She was already ready in her fan gear. She had the shirt, the CD in hand, a poster, and a doll of one of the members.
It was only 9 when we left and I suggested we get some ice cream real quick.
"Mummy says I'm not allowed to have dessert in the morning." She said all innocently.
"Mummy doesn’t have to know." She finally gave in and we got out at a small strip for some ice cream. We walked down the sidewalk for a little bit and she stopped in her tracks and gawked at the window for one of the shops.
"I'm going to see them soon!" She squealed. I looked at a poster that was pinned up on the wall of One Direction.
"They're so cute!" She screeched.


It was around 2 o'clock when we were walking up and down the strip. The band had a few days off and Harry insisted on spending it all with me. I looked at all the different shops admiring the different things being sold in each one.
"Oh look Harry, its One Direction." I said pretending to fan girl. I pointed to a poster hanging up on one of the store windows and he just rolled his eyes and gave a weak smile.
"Why do you even pay attention to that?" He asked.
"Babe, you look hot right there." I said pointing to him. He shrugged.
"If I were you I'd buy every single one and plaster them all over the walls." I joked.
"How do you know I don’t already do that?" He quizzed.
"You and I have the same place." I said.
"Tour bus though, you don’t have one of those." I rolled my eyes.
"Let's go." He said tugging my arm. We continued to walk and I looked over my shoulder back at the poster. "I have that one at home anyway", I thought to myself and smirked.

My ears were bleeding at the sound of the screeching fans.
"I can't believe you would wait for so long just to see them for a second." I screamed over the noise.
"Aunt Emily, its One Direction. I would do anything." She used her arms to add effect to her dramatic tone. I rolled my eyes and looked throughout the crowd. We were getting closer and closer to the signing table.
"I'm going to finally say 'hello' to Harry Styles!" Mia squealed.
"Did you just say Harry?" I looked down at her.
"Yeah?" She said with an attitude. I knew that name, I knew someone with that name.
"Come on Aunt Emily! We're next!" She pulled me along with her and she clutched her items close to her chest and the guard motioned us to go forward. Girls close to the signing table were crying, screaming, or taking picture/video with their cameras and phones. I followed along behind Mia and watched as she took pictures and got her items signed. She finally reached the final boy and he looked up and talked to her and then looked over at me.

Louis' P.O.V

I waited for the little girl to come to me so I could sign her things. She smiled brightly and I said 'hello' to her. She was easy to talk to and we chatted a bit as I signed her CD and poster. I looked up to hand her things back to her and I couldn’t believe who was with her. Emily.
"Emily." I muttered under my breath as I started to rise from my seat, "Emily!" I screamed and ran off of the stage right to her. She was shocked and confused and I could tell she didn’t have any clue of what was happening.
"Emily its Louis. Do you remember?" I said in a rushed voice.
"Remember what?" She asked. I missed hearing her voice.
"Me and Harry and the band." I started to say.
"No….sorry." She said sheepishly. I didn’t realize I was holding on to her shoulders and I let go of her and stepped back.
"You don't?" I said looking into her eyes.
"I know you're members of the band and you have an album and stuff." She said.
"Harry, do you know who he is?" She looked over at the table and the boys were staring wide eyed, but not moving. Harry looked like he was close to tears and bit his lip to prevent any from coming out.
"He's a singer?" She didn’t seem too sure of it.
"Yeah but do you like know him?" I asked.
"I don't know him personally. At least I don't think so." I looked over at Harry and watched him run from the stage and behind the curtain.
"Alright Lou, move it along." Our bodyguard Jack said pushing me back to the table.
"You do. Just look at your phone!" I said to her as Jack pulled me away. The signing ended after that and Niall got Harry from backstage. None of us spoke a word about what happened just then. Harry was still crying softly into his jacket and I shed a couple tears but wiped them away not showing my true feelings……yet.

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