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Hi , my name is Josh. I know this sounds weird but i really want a baby sister. Even though im 13 now i want some company. My mum and dad are thinking about having one but are being really quite .. hmm i wonder what they are up to

Anyway this is the story of how everything can not be as it seams

hope you enjoy :)


5. two years on

two years later

Its been a year and a half now since Mum had her baby. I didn't get to see it being born.. something about privacy? Anyway we decided to name her Abigail , she has the most gorgeous eyes ever! I want to spend more time with Abigail but my teachers decided to give me loads of homework ( what's the chance of that!) I know at the start i said i wanted a sister, but im beginning to think that it wasn't such a good idea , she is constantly crying 24/7 . And every one is harassing you about her " what's her name?" " What does she look like?" seriously stuff around this school spreads like a while fire!                                                                                                  

On the other hand i am seeming to be more popular then i was when i joined. Here comes the best part ....... Bridget asked me out! Yep..that's right the hottest  girl in the school ask ME out! But then again, it could just be Abigail , she never knew I existed until Abigail was born. Wow , i just bummed my self down...




so sorry i haven't been able update cause I've been  loaded with homework! and if i do publish a chapter it is only going to be small and probably wont make much sense  

Just need about 7 more readers till I've reached 100

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