Made in china

Hi , my name is Josh. I know this sounds weird but i really want a baby sister. Even though im 13 now i want some company. My mum and dad are thinking about having one but are being really quite .. hmm i wonder what they are up to

Anyway this is the story of how everything can not be as it seams

hope you enjoy :)


2. meet the family

" Mum im home " I yelled to my mum as I took of my muddy shoes on the black stained mat. I slowly traipsed myself into the cream and red living room where my mum was busy on her laptop.  that's strange. i thought to my self, normally on the first day of school my mum bombards me with questions. something wasn't right..

" What you looking at " i asked my mum (Kellie) as i peered over her shoulder.

" Err nothing" she muttered slamming down her laptop and walking out of the room and up the old creaky stairs

* BANG* there goes her door. I pulled out the slip of paper that Ben gave to me. I picked up the phone and typed in the number. It rang but went straight to answer phone. Well i thought, at least i have to homework for the next week.


kellies P.O.V

What else was I suppose to do, I couldn't exactly go tell him. If he found out he wont love her. Anyway here it goes. I clicked the send button and a sigh of relieve came over me. The only thing that haunted me was could i keep it a secret?

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