Made in china

Hi , my name is Josh. I know this sounds weird but i really want a baby sister. Even though im 13 now i want some company. My mum and dad are thinking about having one but are being really quite .. hmm i wonder what they are up to

Anyway this is the story of how everything can not be as it seams

hope you enjoy :)


1. Josh

" Hi , my name is Josh, im thirteen years old and im an only child. I like to play football and watch cricket on the TV" I announced my self to my class. You could say im the average boy , living a normal life. But there was one thing i was missing. Company. I know this may sound weird but i want a baby sister, not a brother cause he will want all my stuff. Besides, im lonely, my parents wont always be there to play with me 24/7. Also i want something to look forwards to when i get home, someone to talk to who would understand me , play games with me , watch the TV wi....

" hello.. Josh are you there" my new form teacher asked

" Yeah , I was just thinking " I responded

" Then perhaps you would like to share with the class what you were thinking about " She said with an evil glare in her eyes

" No miss" i mumbled looking at my desk


" Gosh she's annoying" a voice whispered behind me

" Hi im Josh, what's your name?"  I asked

" Im , Ben" he replied

" Nice to meet you Ben, hey do you fancy coming round mine tomorrow , im sure my parents would love to meet you"

" Sure , here's my number, gimme a call and ill tell you what my parents said " Ben said whilst smiling


Looks like this class wont be so bad after all

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