Made in china

Hi , my name is Josh. I know this sounds weird but i really want a baby sister. Even though im 13 now i want some company. My mum and dad are thinking about having one but are being really quite .. hmm i wonder what they are up to

Anyway this is the story of how everything can not be as it seams

hope you enjoy :)


4. Door bell

As the months came by Mums baby bump became bigger and bigger. I was so excited, finally my wish came true. But something hit me, what's the sex mum never told me. I know I said i wanted a baby sister but maybe a brother wouldn't be so bad. Then again Mum would make me hand everything to him, and he would make me play stupid army games. Maybe i should of re- think this.


" Mum there's something i need to ask you"

" Sure, anything"

" What gender is the baby?"

" Errr, I need to have an ultrasound"

" Oh, whens that?"

" I..I don't know"

" Uh huh , should I call the doctor and ask when?"

" No" she snapped , now shoo and get on with your homework

" but i don't have an..." i was cut short by mum shoving me out of my room

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