Made in china

Hi , my name is Josh. I know this sounds weird but i really want a baby sister. Even though im 13 now i want some company. My mum and dad are thinking about having one but are being really quite .. hmm i wonder what they are up to

Anyway this is the story of how everything can not be as it seams

hope you enjoy :)


3. baby bump

School seemed to go on forever that day, i couldn't wait for Ben to come over mine. I know i never did tell my mum but what's the worst that could happen? No TV for a week, isn't that bad when i think about it * RING* finally, the end of the day.

We walked down the road  talking about what we were going to do over the weekend

" Mums probably going to drag me into town" i moaned

" Same here" Ben agreed . I knocked on our old red door and waited for my mum to answer

" What's HE  doing her " Kellie asked

" Don't you remember , i asked yesterday if Ben could come round and you said yes" I lied trying not to make eye contact

" Hmmm i don't remember, but come in Ben" She smiled and gestured to go through. Geez my mum is so fake when ever guests come round

" Ben why don't you turn on the television Josh there is something upstairs i need to show you"

what did i do? i thought , we walked through into her baby blue and green bedroom

" What is it mum?" i asked curious to know what was going on. She took a white and blue stick from the pocket and told me to look on the screen

                                                                     [ pregnant ]

" Oh my gosh mum how couldn't you tell me "

" We thought it would be better as a surprise hunny"

" Im going to be your new big brother I whispered to her tummy "

" Come on then , of you trot "



I walked down the stairs beaming  with happiness

" Why are you so happy" Ben asked

" Don't worry" i replied sitting down


      Kellies P.O.V

 I sat on the bed praying the parcel would arrive in time ..


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