Gym Liam

When a girl and her best friend go to their local gym who does Megan meet? What starts from this? Who falls in love? Read to find out.


8. The Proposel

A year later

Liam is finally back in LA it has been a month since he flew me out to meet the family and flew us back to meet mine. My mom adores him and tells me if I lose him I will never meet a man as good as him. I am waiting at the airport for my love to arrive and it feels great knowing I am going to see him. I hear the speaker notify us that the flight has landed. I jump up in excitement, while the other people stare at me like I am crazy. I see my man walking out. I run as fast as I can then I jump up on him and kiss him like I haven't kissed his lips in years. The people that were once staring at me are now clapping, cheering, and whistling. “Well hello there love”, Liam says with a cheeky smile. I tell him how much I have missed him and what I have done since I last saw him. He was more quiet then normal but he had a smile the whole time I was talking. His body language says he wants me and mine says wait.

We pull up to my house and I help him bring his suitcases inside. I wonder why he brought so much, but I am too happy to see him to care. After we unpack his stuff I notice a little box but he quickly grabs it out of my hand before I can open it but again I am too happy to think to much about it. Afterwords we relax on the couch and he turns on MTV while we cuddle. After the show is done I turn off the TV and sit in his lap and ask him what he has been up to. He says he went shopping a lot and then asks what I want for dinner.

Like always I want Mexican food so he gets up and starts cooking tacos. I help by setting the table and getting us drinks. We both really like our Root Beer. Soon dinner is done and smells amazing. I start into my first taco and I bite into something hard and I pull it out my mouth and in my hand is a beautiful ring.

“Megan, I love you so much and I want you to be in my life for the rest of it. Please please will you marry me”, he asked looking into my eyes with his. “There is no one I would rather marry then you”, I respond jumping up and down. I kiss him just like I did at the airport. He gets on his phone and sends a quick text which I assume is to his family.

Within seconds I hear a knock at the door. Confused I open it to see who it is. There at my door Liam's parents, my parents, the boys and their girlfriends with balloons and flowers rushing into my house. My life ever since I first met Liam at the gym has been just like a fairy tale. I mean of course we have had our ups and downs but knowing I am going to spend the rest of my life with him is going to be worth it.

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