Gym Liam

When a girl and her best friend go to their local gym who does Megan meet? What starts from this? Who falls in love? Read to find out.


2. The Date

The night morning I wake up to my obnoxious alarm clock at six. I hobble out of bed and in to the kitchen and brew myself Island Coconut coffee from the coffee machine that Dean bought me for our three months. Sometimes I look back and think that I miss him but most times I look back and I see how much happier I am without him in my life. He treated me like I was his doll, he made me quit my job because he didn't like me being out where he couldn't watch me at all times. After I finish my coffee I go and get ready to go to the gym. I check my phone for the normal I am ready and waiting text from Melissa. Instead I got a text saying she didn't feel well and wouldn't be going to the gym today. It feels weird not going to pick her up because ever since we started going to the gym a year ago she hasn't been sick. As I arrive I notice that there aren't any white vans. I check in and Beau is still at the front desk being his normal butt-face self. I start to wonder if Liam will really be here today.

After working out for three hours I get tired and decide he is a no show. I slump in my car really disappointed in myself for believing he would actually come just to see me. As I start my engine a man gets into the passenger seat. At first I am really scared as any 19 year old girl would be,but then I look over at I notice it is Liam is sitting there. "What the heck to you think you are doing just getting into my car like that!?!" I yell. " I am sorry love, I just got here late and I didn't want to miss seeing you again", he responded in a way that no girl could be mad at. "Okay well where do you want me to take you", I ask calmly. "Your house". "Whoa don't you think that is a bit forward for someone that you just met", I ask hoping he isn't that kind of guy. He grabs my hand and tells me to trust him and to drive.

We get to my house and I let us into my living room. He smiles at me and grabs my hand again and tells me that I need to take a shower and to get dressed into something nice. I run upstairs so fast that I know he can tell I am excited. After my shower I decide to wear a fitted red dress with black pumps and a black bow necklace. For my make-up I do red lips and just eyeliner and mascara for the eyes. As I walk down downstairs I notice he is sitting on my couch. When he hears me walking down the stairs he looks up and his mouth drops. "Megan you look absolutely stunning", he tells me in a way I know he means it. I thank him and then ask what our next step is. "Well you are going to give me your keys and I am going to drive you my darling to an amazing dinner at a 5 star restaurant", he tells me with that cheeky smile I know so well.

I do as he asks, a part of me is excited for the adventure and the other part of me is scared that he might hurt me. We pull up to the type of restaurant that you see all the celebrities eat at but you can only dream about eating there because you know you could never afford it. Liam is so sweet he opens my door for me. As we walk up to the door he hooks his arm in mine. The waiter takes us to our table and I can't help but feel out of place. Everyone here looks so rich and I am just this normal girl but there is something about the way that Liam talks to me makes me feel so comfortable and makes me forget how out of place I felt. I have never heard of most of the foods on the menu so I just order what Liam orders. When the waiter brought us our food I was shocked of how big the plate was compared to how little food there actually was. I let out a small chuckle. "Is there something wrong with your food?", he asks me scared with a look on his face like he was ready to yell at someone if he had to. "No there is nothing wrong I just finally realized how celebrities manage to stay thin", I replied with a smile on my face so he knew everything was good. He let out a sigh of relief and smiled back. As we finish up he can tell I am ready to go home.

We finally arrive to my house. I let us in and ask him if he would like anything to drink. "No I think I am good on the drinks but is it alright if I stay the night as you are tired and I have no other way to get to the hotel". With the way he asked to kindly I couldn't say no. "Of course you can stay if you don't mind sleeping on my couch", I respond with the same cheeky smile he always gives me. He takes of his shoes and lays down on the couch while I went to grab him a pillow and a blanket. I tuck him in like I used to with my cousins when I babysat them. He looks up into my eyes with his pretty brown eyes. I lean down and kiss him ever so softly on the lips and thank him for the night. As I walk away he looks at me with a shocked yet satisfied look on his face. I lay in bed and fall asleep within in minutes.

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