Gym Liam

When a girl and her best friend go to their local gym who does Megan meet? What starts from this? Who falls in love? Read to find out.


5. The Accident

The next morning I did everything like I always did. Work was busier today then it was last time. After work I checked my phone but I had no calls or texts from Liam. I got home and changed into comfy clothes. I decided to call Liam to see if everything was alright. He answered but quickly asked if he could call me back. I began to worry because there was a hint of struggle in his voice almost like he was in pain.

A week passes and I haven't heard anything from Liam so I decide to stop by his hotel room. I knock on the door and a broken armed Liam answers the door. "What happened to you", I ask frantically. "Well what happened was I was going to bring you flowers at your work but on the way there a crazed fan crashed into me and nothing serious happened but I was too embarrassed to face you", he responded as he looked at the ground. I kissed him and told him he could tell me anything. Then he grabbed my hand like he did the second day we spent together and he asked me to be his official girlfriend.

That night I stayed the night, nothing bad happened of course. When I went to go home to take a shower and then change I told Liam that I needed to stop by my friend Melissa's house to explain the past two weeks. He was okay about it but when I said Melissa he cringed a little bit. So after going home and taking a shower I just got on an old Nirvana shirt black skinny jeans and a neutral pair of combat boots. I was scared what awaited me at Melissa's house. I always knew she had a temper and the last time I saw her I was lying to her so I can only imagine how mad she is going to be.

I showed up to her and for some reason her mom answered. It was kinda strange seeing her mom since I haven't seen her since our high school graduation. Linda, Melissa's mom, always hated me because I pushed Mel to loose weight. We always thought it was because we thought that Linda wanted her to stay fat and single her whole life. “Hi Linda it is great to see you”, I said not trying to sound sarcastic. “Oh Megan, uh I am sure you would like to see Mel-bell, she is in her bed, if she is still sleeping please don't wake her”.

This is becoming all kinds of strange. I go down the hall and before I am even two steps in the room I get hit in the head with a pillow. It didn't hurt or anything it was just the shock factor that made me mad. “What the hell Mel'? I yelled. “YOU LIED, YOU SAID YOU DIDN'T SEE ONE DIRECTION AND REALLY YOU SAW LIAM. WELL I WANTED TO KILL HIM FOR STEALING YOU FROM ME SINCE AFTER THE DAY I WAS SICK YOU NEVER CALLED OR TEXTED AGAIN. SO I HIT HIS CAR WITH MINE AND NOW I AM IN MORE PAIN THEN HIM!” she yelled louder then I ever could.

At first I really didn't know how to take it. Then it all sunk in my best friend, or maybe ex best friend, was the crazed fan that hit my boyfriend and broke his arm. I should probably be worried about her injuries but I can't. I can only be mad at her for all the crap she has caused. I simply tell her not speak to me again and I walk out her house but not before flipping off her mom.

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